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Celebrating Decades of Discovery at the TRU Open House

Nearly 100 people attended the open house for the ITHS Translational Research Unit (TRU) to celebrate the innovative research taking place and learn about the advantages of having a dedicated research environment. The open house was an opportunity for investigators and research teams to see firsthand...

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Classroom setting with 3 stations: Marilynn Rothen, RDH, MS, on the right conducting an examination, and research staff applying the two varnish treatments at the other stations. Dr. Milgrom is observing in the foreground.

Researchers Travel to Micronesia to Test New Product for Tooth Decay

Investigators from the University of Washington (UW) and the ITHS Regional Clinical Dental Research Center traveled to Micronesia in order to conduct a clinical trial for a new interventional treatment to combat dental decay in children. This phase II clinical trial will evaluate the efficacy...

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Limiting Survey Responses

Have you ever run a registration or enrollment survey in REDCap with a limited number of spots? Did you wish that you could automatically limit the number of survey responses? Now, you can set a maximum number of responses to collect with the new “Response...

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