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Early-Stage Product Development Award

Early-Stage Product Development Award

ITHS is offering an Early-Stage Product Development (ESPD) Award to help translate clinically relevant research discoveries toward development of commercial products that improve human health. Projects should be designed to demonstrate or strengthen critical evidence that the envisioned product accomplishes its health-related purpose with respect to safety, efficacy, scalability, feasibility or clinical utility (i.e., proof of concept).

As examples, funds for devices could be used to create or refine prototypes, evaluate usability, assist with regulatory filings, or conduct an early-stage clinical study.  Funds for therapeutic products could be used to identify or develop suitable animal models, produce small batches of the product, evaluate toxicology, pharmacokinetics or pharmacodynamics or prepare for IND submission. Funds for mobile health products could be used to evaluate effects of human factors, assess interface design, develop software coding, assist with regulatory filings, or conduct an early-stage clinical trial. Funds for diagnostic products could be used for assay development, reagent formulation, device or reader prototype design, interface design, or software coding.

Application Period Closed
Key Dates
  • Application Period opens 
    June 15, 2022
  • Letter of Intent due 
    11:59pm PDT, July 14, 2022

This pilot award will provide up to $100,000 toward specific project-related milestones in total costs for 1 year. No-cost extensions are not permitted.

2023-2024 RFA

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