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Helpful Links to Resources

We have compiled links to a number of helpful links and resources in this section of our website.

Please feel free to contact us if you would like to suggest other materials for us to add.

Facility and Resource Directory

Are you not finding the right facility or resource to meet your research needs?

ITHS is pleased to offer a regional resource directory through eagle-i, which is a free application that makes it easy to discover resources available to ITHS-affiliated researchers.

Learn more by visiting the ITHS page on eagle-i.

Institutional Review Boards

The Institutional Review Boards for each of our partner institutions can be accessed by visiting the following links.

The National Institutes of Health offers a number of resources for researchers who are involved in human subjects research. Visit the NIH site.

NIH also provides guidance to researchers who are working with animals. Visit the NIH Office of Laboratory Animal Welfare.

University of Washington Grant Processes

The Office of Research at the University of Washington maintains a number of helpful tools for researchers and their teams to support pre- and post-award grant processes.

These tools include the Researcher’s Guide, which was created to offer a one-stop shop for learning about and navigating the UW grants process. The Researcher’s Guide includes a glossary of key grant terms, grant life cycle overview, grant writer’s reference, and links to key steps such as IRB review, SAGE, and the Office of Sponsored Programs (OSP).

OSP’s home page explains how to submit proposals and establish awards at the University of Washington. It also contains a helpful directory of common acronyms and abbreviations encountered in the UW grant process.

University of Washington Health Sciences Library

The University of Washington Health Sciences Library (UW HSL) provides resources, instruction, research expertise, and individual assistance to ITHS staff and to current University of Washington students, staff, and faculty, regardless of location.


  • Biomedical Sciences Toolkit Librarian-recommended resources and research strategies for biomedical researchers who are seeking published information, funding, or collaborators. It includes advice on using PubMed, conducting cited reference searches, and finding scientific, preclinical, and clinical information in a variety of sources. It also provides NIH Public Access Policy guidance, Seattle-area seminar announcements, and current awareness alert strategies.
  • Translational Researcher Tools Toolkit developed for researchers and staff working with ITHS. It facilitates locating resources needed throughout the clinical research study lifecycle, from funding proposal to closeout.  Included here are links to IRBs, training, consortium resources, and UW research support services.
  • Data Resources in the Health Sciences Inventory of resources to support the discovery, management, sharing, and visualization of health sciences research data.

Many of the web-based resources described in the three toolkits are freely available. Those resources licensed for people with University of Washington Net IDs are marked with a “lock” icon.


The UW Biomedical and Translational Sciences Librarian offers consultations and individual assistance with a variety of topics, including:

  • Finding information needed for your research, publications, or funding applications.
  • Effectively searching PubMed, Web of Science,, and other databases.
  • Locating molecular biology and genetics information.
  • Setting up current awareness alerts.
  • Using citation management tools such as EndNote.
  • Locating experts or potential collaborators in a field.

Instruction and Workshops

UW HSL librarians also offer workshops and instructional sessions.  These can be tailored to meet the needs of small or large groups. Topics could include describing your research impact, locating experts and collaborators, finding medical genetics information, or staying on top of the literature in your field. “Smarter Searches: Advanced PubMed Tips for Researchers” is an example of such a seminar.


To ask questions or learn more about any of these services, please contact:

Diana Nelson Louden
Biomedical and Translational Sciences Librarian
University of Washington Health Sciences Library

Publication Compliance

Articles supported by ITHS must be submitted to PubMed Central and be assigned a PubMed Central ID (PMCID). This is part of the NIH Public Access Policy. For more information on the policy, visit

The UW Health Sciences Library has prepared a guide detailing author responsibilities and tools for managing compliance in their NIH Public Access Policy Help Guide.

Metabolomics User Group

The Metabolomics User Group (MUG) consists of investigators and other parties interested in the rapidly advancing field of metabolomics. The MUG Seminar Series covers a broad range of topics including experimental design, applications of metabolomics to disease diagnosis, and metabolite identification.

All communication and information related to the MUG is done via the Google Group site. Members can view all content, create a personal profile, upload files and are encouraged to post and comment on messages. For privacy’s sake, MUG is not listed in the Google Groups directory and is only available to approved participants. Membership is obtained through invitation or by a request to join using the link provided.

Become an ITHS Metabolomics Users Group member now.