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ITHS KL2 Program

KL2 Multidisciplinary Clinical Research Career Development Program

The ITHS KL2 Multidisciplinary Clinical Research Career Development Program provides the time, funding, and rigorous mentorship necessary to foster the early career development of clinical and translational researchers. The program is funded by the NIH and welcomes scholars from all health professions.

Program Length: Up to 3 years
Application Period Now Closed

The ITHS KL2 program is a multidisciplinary program, up to three years in length, that is tailored to the research and career development needs of each scholar. Investigators are trained in-depth in a specific area of research, while also gaining knowledge of the full spectrum of clinical research. The program encourages all types of clinical research, including patient-oriented research, translational research, small- and large-scale clinical investigation and trials, epidemiologic and natural history studies, health services research, and health behavior research.

Intensive mentored research experience is the hallmark of the program, and ITHS offers a range of research cores, centers, and resources to support this work. Scholars have the opportunity to conduct clinical or translational research under the guidance of a mentoring committee.

ITHS KL2 Components

The major components of the ITHS KL2 program are:

  • Salary support and protected research time: The program will provide 75% of the KL2 Scholar’s salary up to $85,000 per year for up to 3 years. 75% of the KL2 Scholar’s full-time professional effort must be devoted to pursuing their KL2 research project, including the didactic training of the KL2 Program.
  • Research and career development funding: KL2 Scholars will receive $25,000 in research funds and up to $4,000 to devote to travel to professional meetings and conferences.
  • Mentorship: KL2 scholars participate in mentored research with ongoing faculty projects, and will conduct their own research project under the guidance of a mentorship committee.
  • Core curriculum: The curriculum includes didactic coursework, as well as training in research methods, biomedical research ethics, and career development.

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