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ITHS Translational Research Partnership Awards—Academic Community Partnerships

ITHS Translational Research Partnership Awards – Academic Community Partnerships

ITHS is offering Translational Research Partnership Awards to jump start collaborations between academic researchers and community organizations in new projects that investigate a community-based health problem, disseminate evidence-based health innovations into practice, target health promotion or prevention, or examine ways to enhance or implement sustainable health programs in community settings. We especially encourage applications for projects that test interventions or innovations in community clinical settings.

This pilot award will provide up to $50,000 in total costs for 1 year. No-cost extensions will not be allowed.  ITHS does not expect that this award will support a complete project from initial concept to publication of results. The amount of funding and the term of the award are intended primarily to support pilot work that will generate initial data or results demonstrating the feasibility and merits of a larger project that could be continued subsequently under other mechanisms of support.

Application Period Closed
Key Dates
  • Application Period opens
    June 15, 2022
  • Letter of Intent due 
    11:59pm PDT, July 14, 2022

Success of the program will be measured by the longer-term development of durable research partnerships between academic investigators and community organizations in which representatives of the community organization serve as co-investigators with equitable funding.

Reviewers for Academic-Community Partnerships will focus on 6 primary questions. 1) To what extent does the application propose a true partnership in which both an academic investigator and a community organization at all levels (i.e., leadership and representatives of research subjects) are involved in the concept, design and conduct of the study? 2) How significant is the research topic in the specific community that will participate in the project? 3) How significant is the research topic in communities other than the one involved in the project? 4) To what extent will the project generate new generalizable knowledge and scalable approaches toward improving community health both in the short term and the longer term? 5) To what extent is it likely that the collaboration could continue beyond the term of the award? 6) To what extent has the pilot project been designed to provide critical data or results to be used in a subsequent application for NIH support or other external funding?”

2023-2024 RFA

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