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Accelerating Research.

Improving Health.

Accelerating Research.

Improving Health.

Accelerating Research.

Improving Health.

Accelerating Research.

Improving Health.


Why Join ITHS?

Members of ITHS are part of a unique catalyst that accelerates discoveries to practice.


Membership also includes the following benefits:

  • Access

    ITHS members are able to access the different research services, resources, and tools offered by ITHS to the five-state WWAMI region. Members also enjoy access to the ITHS Research Navigator to secure guidance and support in traversing the clinical and translational research process.

  • Education and Training

    ITHS members have access to a variety of workforce development and mentoring programs. Members can also apply for formal pre- or post-doctoral training such as the ITHS TL1, KL2, and Rising Stars programs.

  • Funding

    ITHS members can apply for local and national pilot grant and other funding opportunities. ITHS also offers letters of support to members for their own research funding applications.

  • Collaboration

    ITHS members are part of a community of collaborators who seek out opportunities to engage in team science. As part of the ITHS community, members can connect with collaborators across the Clinical and Translational Science Award consortium. As part of ITHS, you also become a member of the Association for Clinical and Translational Science through our institutional membership in ACTS.

What ITHS Requests from Members

ITHS does not charge for membership, but expects members to share in supporting the ITHS mission of speeding science to the clinic for the benefit of patients and communities throughout Washington, Wyoming, Alaska, Montana, Idaho, and beyond.

How Members Contribute

Members also contribute in the following ways:

  • Being open to collaboration with other ITHS members.
  • Willing to share expertise with ITHS and our members.
  • Acknowledging ITHS when publishing journal articles that have in some way been supported by ITHS.