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Biostatistical services play a pivotal, collaborative role in biomedical research. We coordinate biostatistical collaboration for investigators and trainees at every stage of the research study, from the initial trial design stage to the final reporting phase. This collaboration occurs through our integrated partnerships with the UW Center for Biomedical Statistics (CBS) and the Children’s Core for Biomedical Statistics (CCBS).

You can contact us to set up a free initial consultation to receive expert advice on topics such as study design, data collection, and analysis methods. Specific guidance regarding design and analysis options for proposed studies is provided, including assistance in the preparation of grant proposals. We also work with the ITHS Biomedical Informatics team to assist you with electronic data capture.



We currently offer support for:

  • Grant Preparation / Study Design
  • Choosing Statistical Methods
  • Sample Size Determination
  • Randomization and Blinding
  • Data Analysis, including Secondary Data Analysis
  • Multicenter Study Coordination
  • Data Monitoring Plans
  • Analytic Dataset Preparation
  • Manuscript Collaboration

Depending on your project’s needs, the initial consultation will involve a faculty or staff biostatistician and possibly a graduate student.



Statistical analyses, hands-on database work, and review of a manuscript or grant may be accomodated with an hourly fee (subject to expertise and time availability).

  • Staff Time: $105/hour
  • Faculty Time: $155/hour

REQUEST SERVICES - Projects based at the University of Washington
and all institutions other than Seattle Children's

Request Services – Projects based at the University of Washington and all institutions other than Seattle Children’s

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REQUEST SERVICES - Project based at Seattle Children's

Request Services – Project based at Seattle Children’s

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