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Graduate and post-doctoral training program applications due October 31st

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Graduate and post-doctoral training program applications due October 31st

ITHS is now accepting applications for two formal research training programs. The KL2 Multidisciplinary Clinical Research Career Development program and TL1 Translational Research Training program are designed to provide financial support and mentored training in clinical and translational science competencies.

Early in one’s career, it can be hard to find dedicated research time and funding. ITHS seeks to support graduate students and junior investigators in overcoming this challenge. Both programs focus on developing research related skills with an emphasis on inter-professional collaboration.

“These programs provide an opportunity for dynamic interactions and greater exposure to multiple scientific perspectives,” Says TL1 program co-director Dr. Joie Whitney. The TL1 program provides one-year of specific translational science training, career development opportunities, and team science skills to help trainees function effectively within clinical research teams.

Similarly, the KL2 program for junior investigators allows scholars to dedicate time to mentorship, training, and individual research projects for up to three years of funding. According to program alumnus and current co-director Dr. Christy McKinney, “the collaborative and interactive training approach of the KL2 program rapidly elevates investigators’ abilities to develop and execute high quality translational research projects.”

Both the KL2 and TL1 programs welcome applicants from all types of clinical research including patient-oriented research, translational research, small- and large-scale clinical investigation and trials, epidemiologic and natural history studies, health services research, and health behavior research.

Success Stories

Graduates of these programs go on to become impactful translational researchers; read some of their stories.

  • Amanda Fretts, PhD, MPH (KL2 scholar) awarded $2.4M to study healthy food program for American Indian communities.
  • Charles Roco, PhD student (TL1 trainee) contributed to a new technique for identifying the gene makeup of individual cells.
  • Sasha Stanton, MD, MPH (KL2 scholar) received the Athena Endowed Award for Excellence in Breast Cancer Research.
  • Andrew Bender, PhD Student (TL1 trainee) presented a new point-of-care diagnostic test at the annual Association for Clinical and Translational Science (ACTS) meeting in Washington, DC.

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About the ITHS KL2 Multidisciplinary Clinical Research Career Development Program

The ITHS KL2 Multidisciplinary Clinical Research Career Development Program provides the time, funding, and rigorous mentorship necessary to foster the early career development of clinical and translational researchers. The program is funded by the NIH and welcomes scholars from all health professions.
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About the ITHS TL1 Translational Research Training Program

The ITHS TL1 Program is a one-year mentored research training program for predoctoral students. This program creates a cross-disciplinary community and provides Trainees with specific training, career development opportunities, and team science skills to help them function effectively within translational science teams. The TL1 Program is open to applicants from all disciplines and backgrounds who meet the eligibility criteria.
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