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How to Create Custom Dashboards with this updated REDCap Feature

How to Create Custom Dashboards with this updated REDCap Feature

The record status dashboard has been a popular feature in REDCap. It allows you to get a quick high level overview of the current state of data entry in your records. However, have you ever wished that you could customize this dashboard a bit more?

Well, now you can. REDCap introduced custom dashboards in version 7.2.0.

Custom dashboard allows you to modify the following things:

  • Header orientation
  • Column grouping
  • Instrument/Event Selection
  • Record sorting based on variable values

  • Filters:
    • Filter by branching logic
    • Filter by arms

You can add as many dashboards as you want to any project. Custom dashboards are currently user-specific and not shareable between users.

Check out the following example: We want to create a dashboard that only displays the baseline event for the records that have a completed baseline form.

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