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Previous Awardees

Previous Awardees

ITHS Community Partners in Research Funding Program

Awardees - ITHS Community Partners in Research Funding Program

Frogner, Bianca Impact of Innovations on Primary Care Workforce ConfigurationCenter for Health Workforce StudiesUniversity of WashingtonJune, 2015
Engelberg, Ruth and Randy Curtis Shape and Future of Advance Care Planning in WWAMI RegionCambia Palliative Care Center of ExcellenceUniversity of WashingtonJune, 2015
Chu, HelenImmunologic Correlates of Protection from Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV) Infection in Alaska-Native InfantsMedicineUniversity of WashingtonJune, 2015
Jirikowic, Tracy and Cheryl KerfeldEstablishing a Child-Centered Clinical and Research Community that Fosters Long-Term Healthy Lifestyles of Children with DisabilitiesRehabilitation MedicineUniversity of WashingtonMay, 2015
Holmes, John Feasibility of Integrated Clinical Telepharmacy Services in Rural Primary Care Clinics (INTERACT)Family MedicineIdaho State UniversityMay, 2015
McPherson, Sterling Improving the Total Health of Urban Native Youth: Measuring Prevention Services’ Impact at an Integrated Health CenterProgram of Excellence in Addictions ResearchWashington State UniversityMay, 2015
Thompson, MatthewPOCKET: Point of Care Test Needs and Implementation.Family MedicineUniversity of WashingtonMay, 2014
Dombrowski, JuliaCommunity Needs Assessment for Chlamydial Screening Among Young American Indian Women in the Pacific Northwest.Infectious DiseasesUniversity of WashingtonMay, 2014
Stone, WendyImproving Early Detection of Autism within Hispanic Communities.Department of PsychologyUniversity of WashingtonMay, 2014
Mclaurin, JennieIn Their Own Voices: Hearing Health Histories from Farmworker FamiliesJune, 2012
Godfrey, EmilyHow well are contraceptive guidelines followed? A feasibility study to measure national contraceptive guideline adherence among women with cardiovascular disease using LC Data QuestJune, 2012
Comtois, KateNative Communitiesu2019 Suicide Prevention Needs AssessmentJune, 2012
Smoker, KennethBuilding Translational Research Capacity within the Fort Peck Tribes: Engaging Tribal YouthFort Peck Tribes Health Promotion Disease Prevention ProgramMay, 2011
Reiter, WilliamA Montana forum to plan community-based research implemented through the state health information exchangeHealthShare MontanaMay, 2011
Milton, AnnProtecting our FutureQuinault Indian Nation; Diabetes & Wellness ProgramMay, 2011
Appel, HoaStarting the Conversation in Snohomish CountySnohomish County YMCA - MarysvilleMay, 2011
Roundstone, DavidNorthern Cheyenne (Tsitsistas), Ways of Knowing GatheringNorthern Cheyenne Board of HealthMay, 2011
Hernandez, AraceliPromoting Stress Reduction and Healthy Coping among Latino ImmigrantsCasa LatinaMay, 2011
Guirguis-Blake, JanelleImproving safe medication prescribing in patients with chronic kidney diseaseTacoma Family Medicine Residency ProgramMay, 2011
McCormick, AlmaWater, A Resource for HealthMessengers for HealthFebruary, 2011
Milton, Annu201cGet Fitu201d Health Risk AssessmentQuinault Indian Nation; Diabetes ProgramFebruary, 2011
Mittelstaedt, GillianChronic Respiratory Diseases and Woodstove Use in Tribal Households: A Survey to Understand Awareness, Concerns and Actions TakenTulalip TribesFebruary, 2011
Donatuto, JamieSwinomish Seafood Diet Interview AnalysesSwinomish Indian Tribal Community, La Conner, WAJanuary, 2011
Scott, JohnProject ECHO: An Innovative telehealth program to combat opiate addiction and chronic pain the the rural pacific NorthwestUniversity of WashingtonNovember, 2010
Dillard, DeniseHealth Service Characteristics of Alaska Native People Who Attempt SuicideResearch DepartmentSouthcentral Foundation, Anchorage, AKNovember, 2010
Lopez, EllenUnderstanding Alaska Native Cancer Experiences from the Perspective of SurvivorsFairbanks Native AssociationUniversity of Alaska, FairbanksFebruary, 2010
Snyder, SusanBuilding Data Collection Capacity for Effectiveness Research on Older Adult Health Promotion ProgramsSenior ServicesFebruary, 2010
Hoeft, TheresaStarting the Conversation: Expanding CBPR Knowledge at the Southcentral FoundationSouthcentral FoundationFebruary, 2010
Dupuis, AnitaExploring the articulation of cultural congruence (and consonance) for promoting a healthy Selish, Ksanka and Qlispe communitySalish Kootenai CollegeFebruary, 2010
Barker, SaraA Process Evaluation of Sea Maru2019s Chronic Care ProgramSea Mar Community Health CenterFebruary, 2010
ITHS Small Pilot Project Grant

Awardees - ITHS Small Pilot Project Grant

Eisenman, RobertN/ABasic ScienceFred Hutchinson Cancer Research CenterDecember, 2013
Dutta, DebashisA novel microfluidic ELISA method for sensitive detection of a soluble pathogenic biomarker for Alzheimeru2019s diseaseChemistryUniversity of WyomingDecember, 2013
Kelly, EdwardBietti Crystalline Dystrophy patient-specific RPEs from iPSCsPharmaceuticsUniversity of WashingtonDecember, 2013
Guthrie, BrandonImproving Engagement in HIV Care Following Provider Initiated Testing and CounselingGlobal HealthUniversity of WashingtonDecember, 2013
Evans, HeatherUnderstanding the post discharge experience of surgical patients: A prospective observational studySurgeryUniversity of WashingtonDecember, 2013
Kantrowitz-Gordon, IraFeasibility of a mindfulness-based intervention for pregnant women at high risk for preterm birth delivered by the InternetFamily and Child NursingUniversity of WashingtonDecember, 2013
Yi-Frazier, JoyceA novel social networking approach to building peer support, benefit-finding, and resilience in adolescents with Type 1 DiabetesPediatrics/EndocrinologySeattle Children's Research InstituteDecember, 2013
Olswang, LesleyIntegrating an evidence-based communication intervention for young children with physical disabilities into a community early intervention centerSpeech & Hearing SciencesUniversity of WashingtonDecember, 2013
Najafian, BehzadQuantification of urine podocytes using flow cytometryPathologyUniversity of WashingtonDecember, 2013
Kleinhans, NataliaMolecular Mechanisms of Olfactory Sensitivity in Autism Spectrum DisordersRadiologyUniversity of WashingtonDecember, 2013
Kelly, ValerieAssessing implicit and explicit learning strategies for gait rehabilitation in persons who have Parkinsonu2019s disease with mild cognitive impairmentRehabilitation MedicineUniversity of WashingtonDecember, 2013
Jorcyk, CherylDevelopment of Breast Cancer Therapeutics to Inhibit OSM-Mediated Metastases.Biological Sciences/ Biomolecular ScienesBoise State UniversityJune, 2013
Cornell, KenNovel Antibiotics to Treat Giardia intestinalis Infections.Chemistry & Biochemistry/ Biomolecular Research CenterBoise State UniversityJune, 2013
Khot, SandeepPilot Randomized Trial of Continuous Positive Airway Pressure in Patients Undergoing Intensive Inpatient Rehabilitation After Acute Stroke.NeurologyUniversity of WashingtonJune, 2013
White, NathanFibrin-Targeted Polymers for Hemostatic Applications.Emergency Medicine/ MedicineHarborview Medical Center & UWJune, 2013
Manhart, LisaAssessment of Human Polyomaviruses as Potential Risk Factors for Lung Carcinogenesis: A Nested Case-Control Study.EpidemiologyUniversity of WashingtonJune, 2013
Beck, AnitaGenetic Basis of Conductive Deafness.PediatricsUW & Seattle Children's Hosp.June, 2013
Ziegler, StevenInnate Lymphoid Cells in Autoimmune and Allergic Diseases.Immunology ProgramBenaroya Research InstituteJune, 2013
Pradhan, SujataMultimodal Cognitive and Physical Exercise Program in an Enriched Environment for Individuals with Parkinson Disease.Rehabilitation MedicineUniversity of WashingtonJune, 2013
Roxby, AlisonMycoplasma genitalium and Perinatal Transmission of HIV-1.Medicine, Division of Allergy and Infectious Diseases.University of WashingtonJune, 2013
Porter, Christopher R.Development and evaluation of a urine-based assay for accurately staging prostate tumors.Urology, University of WashingtonVirginia Mason Medical CenterDecember, 2012
Heaton, LisaDevelopment and demonstration of cognitive bias modification technology for treatment of dental phobia and anxiety.Oral Health SciencesUniversity of Washington School of DentistryDecember, 2012
Teri, LindaImproving Affect & Behavior in Assisted Living Residents: A Web-Based Approach.Psychosocial and Community HealthUniversity of WashingtonDecember, 2012
Woodward, JoshuaMass Spectrometry Based Measurement of Cyclic-di-AMP.MicrobiologyUniversity of WashingtonDecember, 2012
Koelle,DavieCellular Immune Response to VZV, the Causative Agent of Herpes ZosterMedicine, Division of Allergy and Infectious DiseasesUniversity of WashingtonDecember, 2012
Tinker, Juliette K.Preclinical evaluation of a sublingual Staphylococcus aureus vaccine.Biological SciencesBoise State UniversityDecember, 2012
Lai, JamesRapid Specimen Preparation for Sensitive Mass Spectrometry Assays.BioengineeringUniversity of WashingtonDecember, 2012
Bailey, MichaelFinal Safety analysis of repositioning kidney stones with ultrasound.Mechanical Engineering, Adjunct Assist. Prof. UrologyUniversity of WashingtonDecember, 2012
Zajacova, AnnaEstablishing the feasibility of functional data analysis for determining the health of concequences of body weight changes among older adultsSociologyUniversity of WyomingJune, 2012
Rosenfeld, MargaretValidation of a cell phone spirometer in pediatric patients with respiratory diseasesPediatrics/PulmonarySeattle Children's HospitalJune, 2012
Rivara, FrederickUsing twitter to prevent alcohol-impaired driving: formative research and feasibility testingPediatricsHarborview Injury Prevention and Research CenterJune, 2012
Reed, SusanNovel Treatments for Menopausal Hot FlashesObstetrics and Gynecology, EpidemiologyUniversity of WashingtonJune, 2012
Oehler, VivianMiRNAs regulating myeloid differentiation in leukemiaFHCRC Clinical Research DivisionFred Hutchinson Cancer Research CenterJune, 2012
Cross, DonnaMicrotubule stabilization as a therapeutic strategy for brains with traumatic brain injuryRadiologyUniversity of WashingtonJune, 2012
Mullins, JamesMeasuring intracellular drug concentrations in ART treated objectsMicrobiologyUniversity of WashingtonJune, 2012
Harrigton, RobertHarborview Medical Center Infectious Diseases DatabaseMedicine/Infectious DiseasesUniversity of WashingtonJune, 2012
Garrison, MichelleSleep health in Preschoolers: the SHIP Pilot StudyCenter for Child Health, Behavior and DevelopmentSeattle Children's Research InstituteJune, 2012
Bryant, AmyRapid diagnosis of sub-clinical cryptic group A streptococcal myonecrosisMedicine, R&D Service, Infectious Diseases SectionVeterans Affairs Medical CenterJune, 2012
Tham, See WanSleep-wake Disturbances in Adolescents Following Mild to Moderate Traumatic Brain InjuryAnesthesiology and Pain MedicineSeattle Children's HospitalApril, 2011
Gharib, SinaTranscriptional Effects of Sleep Disordered Breathing on Adipose TissueMedicineUniversity of WashingtonApril, 2011
Starr, JacquelinePrediction of Pregnancy Outcomes Following Assisted Reproductive TechnologiesPediatrics and EpidemiologySeattle Children's HospitalOctober, 2010
McGuire, JohnProteomic Analysis of Exhaled Breath Condensates (EBC) in Pediatric Acute Lung InjuryPediatricsUniversity of WashingtonOctober, 2010
Abernethy, NeilEvaluation of Pharmacogenomic Clinical Decision Support in Electronic Health RecordsMedical Education and Biomedical InformaticsUniversity of WashingtonOctober, 2010
Imel, ZacThe feasibility of utilizing administrative outcome monitoring data to evaluate Cognitive Processing Therapy and Prolonged ExposurePsychiatry and Behavioral SciencesUniversity of Washington/WAOctober, 2010
Wald, AnnaThe use of positron emission tomography (PET) to identify herpes simplex virus type 2 (HSV-2) replication in primary infection of miceLab Medicine/ Virology, Medicine/ Allergy and Infectious DiseasesUniversity of WashingtonOctober, 2010
Bailey, MichaelRegulatory consulting for human testing of ultrasound to reposition kidney stonesMechanical Engineering and Applied Physics LabUniversity of WashingtonOctober, 2010
Pallanck, LeoExpression analysis of dopaminergic neurons in a genetic model of Parkinson's diseaseGenome SciencesUniversity of WashingtonOctober, 2010
Trobridge, GrantDevelopment of Novel Foamy Vectors for SCID-X1Pharmaceutical SciencesWashington State UniversityOctober, 2010
Poeschla, BrianVitamin D, Inflammation, and Pain: A Twin StudyPsychiatry & Behavioral SciencesUniversity of WashingtonOctober, 2010
Hakimian, ShahinTopography of Sleep EEG in Focal Epilepsy: A Computational StudyNeurologyUniversity of WashingtonOctober, 2010
Edwardson, MattEMG Triggered Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation to Induce Plasticity in Human Motor CortexNeurologyUniversity of WashingtonFebruary, 2010
Yetisgen-Yildiz, MelihaA Pilot to Investigate Natural Language Processing Methods to Automaticaly Detect Critical Recommendations in Radiology ReportsMedical Information and Biomedical InformaticsMontana State UniversityFebruary, 2010
Van Gelder, Russell N.Genome-wide changes in gene expression in response to seasonal lighting paradigmsOphthalmologyUniversity of WashingtonFebruary, 2010
Nie, KaiboaClinical Evaluation of a Novel Sound Coding Strategy for Better Speech and Music Perception with Cochlear ImplantsOtolaryngologyUniversity of WashingtonFebruary, 2010
Weissman, ScottResistance and Relatedness: Molecular Features of Klebsiella pneumoniaeas a Colonizer and Pathogen in Pediatric Patients in Seattle, WAPediatric Infectious DiseaseSeattle Children's HospitalFebruary, 2010
Lin, YvonneInvestigation of the In Vivo Inhibition of Cytochrome P450 3A4 by the Natural Product Resveratrol and the Potential for an Herb-Drug InteractionPhamaceuticsUniversity of WashingtonFebruary, 2010
Buckland, TrezAppreciative Living Learning Circles and Social Networking: Increasing Hope and Happiness for Young Adults with Schizophrenia and Schizoaffective DisorderPsychosocial and Community Health NursingUniversity of WashingtonFebruary, 2010
Krieger, JamesDevelopment and Validation of a Rapid, Sutureless Circumcision Device to faciitate Dissemination of Safe Adult Male Circumcision to reduce HIV Infection Rates in AfricaUrologyUniversity of WashingtonFebruary, 2010
Holt, VictoriaMycoplasma genitalium infection and ectopic pregnancy risk in a population-based case control studyEpidemiologyUniversity of WashingtonFebruary, 2010
Eisenman, RobertIdentification of critical genes required for c-myc induced tumorigenesis by a loss of function siRNA screenBasic ScienceFred Hutchinson Cancer Research CenterFebruary, 2010
Baldwin, Laura-MaeUsing Electronic Communications to Improve Hypertension in the Community (e-CHIP)Family MedicineUniversity of WashingtonFebruary, 2010
Mitchell, KristenRole of monocyte chemoattractant protein (MCP)-1 in the priming phase of liver regenerationBiological ScienceBoise State UniversitySeptember, 2009
Iritani, BrianEvaluation of Fnip1 as a therapeutic target in B cell-mediated autoimmune diseaseComparative MedicineUniversity of WashingtonSeptember, 2009
Kim, FrancisPilot study of Sodium Nitrite in resuscitated Cardiac Arrest PatientsMedicineUniversity of WashingtonSeptember, 2009
Mitchell, CarolineInteraction between sexual activity, vaginal microbiota and the immune milieu of the female genital tract.Obstetrics & GynecologyUniversity of WashingtonSeptember, 2009
Hohl, TobiasInfectious Disease Sciences, Vaccine Development of molecular probes for the diagnosis and inhibition of AspergillusFred Hutchinson Cancer Research CenterSeptember, 2009
Schiffer, JoshuaUse of a Three-Chamber Assay System of Herpes Simplex Virus Replication to Derive Relevant parameters of Viral Replication and Spread for a Mathematical ModelLaboratory MedicineFred Hutchinson Cancer Research CenterSeptember, 2009
Jimenez, NathaliaEffects of polymorphism in the u-opiod receptor and UDP-glucuronsyltransferase genes on analgesic response and side effects to morphine in Latino pediatric patientsAnesthesiology and Pain MedicineSeattle Children'sSeptember, 2009
Poon, GregoryDual Inhibtion of HER2 and VPAC, Receptors in Breast CancerPharmaceutical SciencesWashington State UniversitySeptember, 2009
Jones-Engel, LisaA molecular-Based Early indicator of tuberculosis exposure: Applications for the lab and implications for public healthUniversity of WashingtonSeptember, 2009
Murias, MichaelMultichannel Recording of EEG in infant MacaquesPsychiatry and Behavioral SciencesUniversity of WashingtonSeptember, 2009
Lustyk, KathyCardiovascular Responses to a Laboratory Stressor in Substance Abusers Before and After Treatment with Mindfulness-Based Relapse PreventionBiobehavioral Nursing and Health SystemsSeattle Pacific UniversitySeptember, 2009
Walter, RolandPilot Study of Feasibility , Safety and Economics of Early Discharge and Outpatient Management of Adult Patients Following Intensive Induction Chemotherapy for Myelodysplastic Syndrom (MDS) Acute Myeloid Leukemia (AML) other than Non-Promyelocytic LeukemiMedicine, HematologyFred Hutchinson Cancer Research CenterFebruary, 2009
Heinecke, JayNovel anti-inflammatory properties of HDLMedicineUniversity of WashingtonFebruary, 2009
Gantt, SorenActivity of HIV Protease Inhibitors against human Herpes Virus ReplicationPediatricsSeattle Children'sFebruary, 2009
Schwartz, StephenGenomic Copy Number variation in Testicular Germ Cell Cancer: A pilot studyEpidemiologyFred Hutchinson Cancer Research CenterFebruary, 2009
Moore, SallySpecific Memory Retrieval Practice in individuals with PTSD and DepressionPsychiatry and Behavioral Sciences/Veterans' AffairsUniversity of Washington and Veterans' AffairsFebruary, 2009
Javid, PatrickPreliminary Study of the Safety and Immunogenicity of the Rotavirus Vaccine in Infants at risk for Intestinal FailurePediatric General and Thoracic SurgerySeattle Children'sFebruary, 2009
Jorcyk, CherylThe role of tumor cell derived oncostatin M in breast cancer metastasis to boneBiological SciencesBoise State UniversityFebruary, 2009
Chen, PeterThe airway Epithelium and Chronic Allograft Rejection after Lung TransplantationPulmonary and Critical Care Center for Lung BiologyUniversity of WashingtonFebruary, 2009
Yi-Frazier, JoyceThe Personal Risks of Adolescents with Type 1 Diabetes: Correlates with Glycemic Control, Self-Care and Quality of LifePediatricsSeattle Children'sFebruary, 2009
Nelson, PeterPET Imaging of monoamine Oxidase A in Xenograft models of human prostate cancerBiology and Clinical ResearchFred Hutchinson Cancer Research CenterFebruary, 2009
Wiley, JamesAdministration of aerosolized protein-cage nanoparticles in order to accelerate primary humoral immune responses against pulmonary viral infections.Molecular BiologyMontana State UniversityFebruary, 2009
Unadkat, JashvantENT1 expression limits the efficacy of gemitabine during pancreatic cancer treatmentPharmaceuticsUniversity of WashingtonNovember, 2008
Totah, RheemUse of Doppler ultrasound to quantify changes in renal blood flow induced by a single dose of tacrolimus in healthy volunteers with 2C8*1/*1 and 2C8*3r1 genotypesMedicinal ChemistryUniversity of IdahoNovember, 2008
Rosenfeld, MargaretParent Report of Signs of a Respiratory Exacerbation in Infants and Young Children with Cystic Fibrosis: A Feasibility StudyPediatrics PulmonarySeattle Children'sNovember, 2008
Drangsholt, MarkHyperbaric Oxygen-induced analgesia in human: a pilot studyOral MedicineUniversity of WashingtonNovember, 2008
Farquhar, CareyImpact of Highly Active Antiretroviral Therapy during Pregnancy and Breastfeeding on Passive Transfer of Antibodies against Measles and RotavirusEpidemiologyUniversity of WashingtonNovember, 2008
Li, JiMacrophage migration inhibitory Factor (MIF) in the heartPharmaceutical SciencesUniversity of WashingtonNovember, 2008
Hoffman, Lucas R.Application Title: Community-level physiologic profiling: A novel method to characterize polymicrobial infectious diseases and to identify new therapeutic strategiesPediatricsSeattle Children'sNovember, 2008
Brown, JulieA Simulator Study Comparing Suction and Irrigation Devices for Ear Foreign Body RemovalPediatricsSeattle Children'sNovember, 2008
Seegmiller, JeffreyPre and Post Intervention Measures of Bone Strength Among 7-12 Year Old GirlsEducation/health, Physical Education & DanceUniversity of IdahoNovember, 2008
Hellstrom, KarlEntrapping immunologically active proteins in functionalized nanoporous supports for cancer therapyPathologyPacific Northwest NationalNovember, 2008
Hughes, ThomasCreating a genetically encoded, fluorescent sensor for hypoxiaCell Biology & NeuroscienceMontana State UniversityNovember, 2008
Mostaghel, ElaheMetabolomic profiling in prostate cancer patients treated with androgen deprivation to identify serum markers of tissue androgen effect and risks of adverse metabolic outcomesClinical Research DivisionFred Hutchinson Cancer Research CenterMay, 2008
Reijonen, HelenaTetramer binding CD4+ T cells as a new biomarker for autoimmunityDiabetes Research ProgramVM Virginia MasonFebruary, 2008
Suskind, DavidCurcumin in Pediatric Inflammatory Bowel disease: A forced dose titration studyPediatrics Division of GastroenterologyCHCRCFebruary, 2008
Mendez, EduardoIntegration of Genomic and Transcriptomic Changes in Metastatic Oral Squamous Cell CarcinomaOtolaryngologyFred Hutchinson Cancer Research CenterFebruary, 2008
Englund, JanetDevelopment and Evaluation of a Novel Saliva Assay for Detection of Human BocavirusPediatricsCHCRCFebruary, 2008
Anderson, NickDeveloping Policy to overcome barriers for Biorepository Data SharingBiomedical InformaticsUniversity of WashingtonFebruary, 2008
Mostaghel, ElaheMetabolomic profiling in prostate cancer patients treated with androgen deprivation to identify serum markers of tissue androgen effect and risks of adverse metabolic outcomesClinical Research DivisionFred Hutchinson Cancer Research CenterFebruary, 2008
Delaney, ColleenInvestigation of an immunologic basis for the emergence of a dominant unit in double cord blood transplantationPediatric OncologyFred Hutchinson Cancer Research CenterFebruary, 2008
Kurth, AnneTranslating an evidence-based intervention into Spanish for a high-need HIV populationBiobehavioral Nursing & Health SystemsUniversity of WashingtonFebruary, 2008
Schur, EllenGhrelin and he anticipation of food reward: a pilot study using functional magnetic resonance imaging and simultaneous blood sampling for hormone levelsMedicineUniversity of WashingtonFebruary, 2008
Strachan, EricPro-Inflammatory Cytokines, Perceived Stress, and Health Outcomes: A Twin StudyPsychiatry and Behavioral SciencesUniversity of WashingtonFebruary, 2008
Juul, SandraThe Metabolic Profile of Perinatal Asphyxia: A Pilot StudyPediatricsUniversity of WashingtonFebruary, 2008
Meyers, KathleenPediatric Telemental Health (TMH): Is It Superior to Treatment as Usual in Primary Care and is it Possible to Conduct a Randomized Clinical Trial in TMHPsychiatry & Behavioral MedicineSeattle Children'sFebruary, 2008
Kiviat, NancyGlobal profiling of aberrant DNA methylation in human bladder cancer tissue and normal bladderPathologyUniversity of WashingtonFebruary, 2008
Kestenbaum, BryanAssociation Between BK Viruria and Risk of Chronic Kidney DiseaseMedicineUniversity of WashingtonFebruary, 2008
Leotta, Daniel F.Video oximetry imaging for assessment of wound healingApplied Physics LaboratoryUniversity of WashingtonFebruary, 2008
Peck-Campbell, AngelaSelf Collection of Nasal Specimens for Identification of Respiratory Viruses in Patients with Cystic Fibrosis Airway InfectionsPediatricsSeattle Children'sFebruary, 2008
Payne, Thomas H.A Pilot to Automate the Generation of the Electronic Problem List for Translational and Clinical ResearchMedical Education and Biomedical InformaticsUniversity of WashingtonFebruary, 2008
ITHS Collaborative Translational Research Matching Seed Grants

Awardees - ITHS Collaborative Translational Research Matching Seed Grants

Wisor, JonathanCerebral slow wave activity predicts brain lactate dynamics: a simultaneous electroencephalographic/magnetic resonance spectroscopy study in humansIntegrative Physiology and Neuroscience/Medical SciencesWashington State UniversitySeptember, 2013
ITHS/Pharmacy Ignition Award

Awardees - ITHS/Pharmacy Ignition Award

Diaz, PhilippeNovel and specific inhibitors of cytochrome P450 26, retinoic acid hydroxylase.BMEDUniversity of MontanaJune, 2013
Gibson, MichaelLarge Neutral Aminoacidopathies: Pharmacotherapy Targeting Blood Brain Transport.Clinical PharmacologyWashington State UniversityJune, 2013
Nelson, SidneyDefining Mechanisms of Liver Injury Caused by Tyrosine Kinase Inhibitors to Design Safer Analogues: Lapatinib as a Case StudyMedicinal ChemistryUniversity of WashingtonApril, 2011
Sasaki, TomikazuInitial Pharmacokinetics and Tissue Distribution Studies of Artemisininnanoparticle FormulationsChemistryUniversity of WashingtonApril, 2011
Roth, Gregory (and Danny Shen)A Population-based Pharmacogenomic Assessment of Beta Blocker Therapy for Heart FailureCardiologyUniversity of WashingtonApril, 2011
Stella, NephiIn vivo testing of JWH451PharmacologyUniversity of WashingtonJanuary, 2010
Kelly, EdwardDerivation of Functional Hepatocytes from Human Embryonic Stem CellsPharmaceuticsUniversity of WashingtonJanuary, 2010
Polyak, StephenCellular Targets of Silymarin, a Hepatoprotective Botanical MedicineLaboratory MedicineUniversity of WashingtonJanuary, 2010
Goss, Christopher H.A pharmacokinetic and safety study of IV gallium nitrate (Ganiten") in cystic fibrosis patientsMedicineUniversity of WashingtonOctober, 2008
Bedalov, AntoniaIdentification of pharmacodynamic biomarkers for inhibitors of NAD-dependent protein deacetylases using mass spectrometryClinical ResearchFred Hutchinson Cancer Research CenterOctober, 2008
Zhang, HaiDifferential Distribution of Bisphosphonates in Mice Skeletal TissuesRestorative DentistryUniversity of WashingtonOctober, 2008
C4C/ITHS Ignition Award

Awardees - C4C/ITHS Ignition Award

* Partial Funding
Kraemer, Brian *Pre-clinical development of Azaperone to target tau neuropathology and the resulting behavioral abnormalities.Medicine - Gerontology DivisionUniversity of Washington / Veterans AffairsJune, 2013
Sniadecki, Nathan *Primary Marketing Research for a Point-of-Care Coagulopathy Diagnostic Device.Mechanical EngineeringUniversity of WashingtonJune, 2013
Schenkman, KennethClinical noninvasive device for early detection of shockPediatricsUniversity of WashingtonApril, 2011
Lewellen, ThomasOptical-Interface Patterning for Radiation Detector CrystalsRadiologyUniversity of WashingtonApril, 2011
CEEH Pilot Project Funding

Awardees - CEEH Pilot Project Funding

Bhatti, ParveenPolycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbon Exposure from Urban Air Pollution Herpes Virus Infection and Immune Function in Ugandan Children.Division of Public Health Sciences-Program in EpidemiologyFred Hutchinson Cancer Research CenterJanuary, 2013
Chin, MichaelIn utero diesel exposure, epigenetic changes and heart failure.MedicineUniversity of WashingtonJanuary, 2013
Furlong, ClementRole of paraoxonase 2 in modulating gender-based susceptibility to manganese neurotoxicity in a mouse model.Department of Medicine - Div. Medical Genetics and Genome SciencesUniversity of WashingtonJanuary, 2013
Totah, RheemCharacterization of a new human liver thiol methyl transferase.Department of Medicinal ChemistryUniversity of WashingtonJanuary, 2013
Edwards, KarenIssues and Expectations of Family Members Participating in Studies of Gene and Environment Interactions.EpidemiologyUniversity of WashingtonJanuary, 2013
Karr, CatherineInflammatory pathways of agricultural contaminants on childhood asthma.Pediatrics/DEOHSUniversity of WashingtonJanuary, 2013
Simpson, ChrisEffect of NAT Genotype on urinary nitropyrene excretion profile and clearanceEnvironmental & Occupational Health SciencesUniversity of WashingtonJanuary, 2012
Yeung, RaymoundThe role of PBDE in non-alcoholic steatohepatitis--related liver cancerSurgeryUniversity of WashingtonJanuary, 2012
Enquobahrie, DanielMaternal heavy metal exposure, DNA methylation, and fetal growthEpidemiology/School of Public HealthUniversity of WashingtonJanuary, 2012
Checkoway, HarveyParkinsonism and Methylation of Manganese Neurotoxicity Genes in WeldersEnvironmental & Occupational Health SciencesUniversity of WashingtonJanuary, 2012
Unadkat, JashvantExpression profiling of hepatic enzymes and transporters in human hepatocytes treated with pregnancy-related hormones; implications for the exposure of pregnant women to environmental chemicals.School of PharmacyUniversity of WashingtonJanuary, 2012
Yost, MichaelA Pilot health Study of Airborne Calcium Carbonate Nanoparticle ExposureDept of Environmental and Occupational healthUniversity of WashingtonDecember, 2011
Di, ChongzhiStatistical methods for gene-environment interaction in the presence of measurement errorBiostatistics & BiomathematicsFred Hutchinson Cancer Research CenterDecember, 2011
Chin, MichaelDiesel Particulate-Induced Cardiac Histone Acetylation and Heart FailureMedicineUniversity of WashingtonDecember, 2011
Ahn, Eun HyunRandom mutations in breast cancer stem cellsPathologyUniversity of WashingtonDecember, 2011
Small Pilot Project Grants in Anesthesiology & Pain Medicine

Awardees - Small Pilot Project Grants in Anesthesiology & Pain Medicine

Khandelwal, NitaRescue Therapies for Refractory Hypoxemia: An Exploratory Analysis of Survival and Cost.AnesthesiologyUniversity of WashingtonAugust, 2012
Hecker, James G.An Investigation of Cumulative Stress Responses During Major Spine Procedures.AnesthesiologyHarborview Medical Center, University of WashingtonAugust, 2012
Landau, RuthThe epigenetic impact of in utero opioid exposure on Generation Z.Anesthesiology and Pain MedicineUniversity of WashingtonAugust, 2012
Gu, HaiweiMetabolomics Analysis of Isolated Mitochondria for Breast Cancer Diagnosis.Anesthesiology and Pain MedicineUniversity of WashingtonAugust, 2012
Rubens, DanielDoes the inner ear play a key missed role in respiratory control and therefore the Sudden Infant Death Syndrome?AnesthesiologySeattle Children's Research InstituteApril, 2012
ITHS Visiting Scholars Program

Awardees - ITHS Visiting Scholars Program

Daratha, KennN/ACollege of NursingWashington State UniversityMarch, 2012
Larsson, Laura & Young, SaraExpanding a Health and Social Science Network in the WWAMI RegionNursingMontana State UniversityApril, 2011
Diaz, PhilippeDesign and synthesis of novel inhibitors of CYP26A1 and novel cannabinoidBiomedical and Pharmaceutical SciencesUniversity of MontanaFebruary, 2011
Beasley, JeannetteFostering Collaboration Between Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center and the University of Alaska Fairbanks to Develop and Evaluate Biomarkers of Dietary IntakeCancer PreventionFred Hutchinson Cancer Research CenterDecember, 2010
Simons, BrennaNot Listed (regards Alaska Native Tribal Health Consortium)WWAMI Biomedical ProgramUniversity of Alaska, AnchorageDecember, 2010
Woodahl, EricaPharmacogenomics in Rural and Underserved PopulationsBiomedical and Pharmaceutical SciencesUniversity of MontanaOctober, 2010
Force, RexVisiting ScholarFamily MedicineIdaho State UniversityOctober, 2010
Du, Min"Studying skeletal muscle development at cellular and sub-cellular levels--- the power of visionizing microscopic structure"Animal ScienceUniversity of WyomingJune, 2010
Copie, Valerie"Developing metabolomics research collaborations between MSU and the ITHS "Biochemistry & ChemistryMontana State UniversityApril, 2010
Hoeft, TheresaVisiting ScholarCenter for Alaska Native Health ResearchUniversity of Alaska - FairbanksFebruary, 2010
Robinson, ReneeVitamin D and DepressionSouthcentral Foundation ResearchFebruary, 2010
Harris, MichaelVisiting ScholarInstitute of Arctic BiologyUniversity of Alaska FairbanksFebruary, 2010
Parimon, TanyalakNecrotizing pneumonia. Staphyloccocus aureuE exotoxina and alveolo-capillary system.MedicineBoise-VAMCSeptember, 2009
ITHS/Primate Center Ignition Awards

Awardees - ITHS/Primate Center Ignition Award

Hybiske, KevinIdentification of the immune correlates leading to clearance of a genetically attenuated Chlamydia trachomatis strain in the cervix of pig-tailed macaquesAllergy and Infectious DiseasesUniversity of WashingtonApril, 2022
Settles, ErikIdentification of Valley Fever epitopes and TCR clones in naturally exposed pig-tailed macaques for future vaccination and diagnostic studiesNorthern Arizona UniversityApril, 2022
Erasmus, JesseOvercoming bottlenecks in mRNA-mediated antibody expression in nonhuman primatesMicrobiologyUniversity of WashingtonApril, 2021
Orsborn, AmyDeveloping and validating a new behavioral assay to quantify feedforward and feedbackElectrical & Computer EngineeringUniversity of WashingtonApril, 2021
Gambrill, Abigail & Jon Rueckemann (MPI)Cellular mechanisms of primate hippocampal theta oscillationsPhysiology & Biophysics (both PIs)University of WashingtonApril, 2020
Wood, GwendolynOptimizing a model of M. genitalium reproductive tract infection in female pig-tailed macaquesAllergy and Infectious DiseasesUniversity of WashingtonApril, 2020
Dembrow, NikolaiDeveloping a primate culture platform for the treatment of degenerative disorders.Physiology & BiophysicsUniversity of WashingtonApril, 2019
Ting, JonathanA comprehensive viral genetic toolbox optimized for primate brain cell types and translational neuroscience.Allen Institute for Brain SciencesApril, 2019
O'Connor, MeganEvaluation of SIV Co-Infection on ZIKV Pathogenesis in Pigtail Macaques.MicrobiologyUniversity of WashingtonApril, 2018
McGuire, AndrewProof of Concept for an Epstein Barr Virus Vaccine.Vaccine and Infectious Disease DivisionFred Hutchinson Cancer Research CenterApril, 2018
Gale, Michael Using the Pigtail Macaque Model to Evaluate Novel Vaccines for Prevention of Zika InfectionImmunology
University of WashingtonApril, 2017
Patton, DorothyMn model development: GC infection and URT imaging by PETObstetrics & GynecologyUniversity of WashingtonApril, 2017
Curnow, ElizaA nonhuman primate model of Fragile X syndromeWashington National Primate Research CenterUniversity of WashingtonApril, 2017
Chin, MichaelPharmacokinetics, organ toxicity and immunogenicity of recombinant tafazzin in
non human primates
CardiologyUniversity of WashingtonApril, 2016
Horwitz, GregCell-type specific promoter sequences for targeting NHP neuronsPhysiology and BiophysicsUniversity of WashingtonApril, 2016
Kean, LeslieCreating a Novel Model for the Treatment of Graft-versus-Host-Disease in Rhesus MacaquesPediatricsUniversity of WashingtonApril, 2016
Isoherranen, NinaMaternal phthalate kinetics in a nonhuman primate modelPharmaceuticsUniversity of WashingtonApril, 2015
Perlmutter, SteveNHP Model for cervical myelopathy and therapeutic use of electrical stimulationPhysiology and BiophysicsUniversity of WashingtonApril, 2015
Smith, JasonA Rhesus model to uncover the role of α-defensins in rotaviral infectionMicrobiologyUniversity of WashingtonApril, 2015
Clark, EdwardTesting CD180-based Hepatitis B virus vaccine in macaquesMicrobiology/ImmunologyUniversity of WashingtonMarch, 2014
Neitz, MaureenIn vivo directed evolution of AAV vectors that transduce photoreceptors and the retinal pigment epithelium when injected into the vitreousOphthalmologyUniversity of WashingtonMarch, 2014
Adams-Waldorf, KristinaSurfactant Protein A to prevent pre-term birthObstetrics and GynecologyUniversity of WashingtonMarch, 2014
Kiem, Hans-PeterDevelopment of an in vivo model of Hepatitis C virus infection, replication and pathogenesisClinical ResearchFred Hutchinson Cancer Research CenterApril, 2013
Riddell, StanleyEvaluating the safety of T-cells engineered to express chimeric antigen receptors for ROR1 and a tumor-specific epitope of EGFRClinical ResearchFred Hutchinson Cancer Research CenterApril, 2013
Moshiri, MariamFetal lung maturity assessment with MRI using fetal lung to liver signal intensity ratio and MR spectroscopyRadiologyFred Hutchinson Cancer Research CenterApril, 2013
Horwitz, GregTargeted Genetic Manipulation of NHP Neurons in Vivo.Physiology and BiophysicsUniversity of WashingtonFebruary, 2012
Robinson, FarrelDissolution of perineuronal nets to aid adaptation to a vestibular prosthesis.Biological StructureUniversity of WashingtonFebruary, 2012
Curnow, ElizaM. fascicularis model for cancer-oocyte target SAS1B.Reproductive Biology and Stem Cell Core, Reproductive and Developmental Sciences Division, Washington National Primate Research CenterN/AFebruary, 2012
Murray, CharlesTransplantation of M. nemestrina induced pluripotent stem cell (MniPSC) u2013 derived cardiomyocytes into nonhuman primates after myocardial infarctionPathology and BioengineeringUniversity of WashingtonApril, 2011
Lieber, AndreSafety studies with a high affinity companion therapeutic for monoclonal antibodies to treat cancerMedicineUniversity of WashingtonApril, 2011
Phillips, JamesVestibular prosthesis for bilateral and uncompensated unilateral lossOtolaryngologyUniversity of WashingtonApril, 2011
Juul, SandraA Novel Non-Human Primate Model of Neonatal Stress and Sedative Drug UsePediatricsUniversity of WashingtonMarch, 2010
Zhang, GlennIdentification of Molecular Signature of Successful Influenza VaccinationsAnimal SciencesOklahoma State UniversityMarch, 2010
Ho, RodneyNeuro-Imaging of a Novel CNS Targeted Drug Delivery Device in PrimatesPharmaceuticsUniversity of WashingtonJanuary, 2010
INBRE-ITHS-WSU Spokane Collaborative Seed Grants

Awardees - INBRE-ITHS-WSU Spokane Collaborative Seed Grants

Voyich, Jovanka and Evgeni SokurenkoVariability of community-associated MRSA isolated from Native American populationsVeterinary Molecular Biology/ MicrobiologyMontana State Univeristy & University of WashingtonApril, 2010
Stenkamp, Deborah, Patrick Hrdlicka, and Maureen NeitzInvader LNAs to treat autosomal dominant retinal dystrophies.Biological Sciences/ Chemistry/OphthalmologyUniversity of Idaho/ University of Idaho/University of WashingtonApril, 2010
Zhang, Zhihong and Eva CoreyThe LPA Receptor as Therapeutic Target in Prostate CancerNutrition & Exercise Physiology/UrologyWashington State University/University of WashingtonApril, 2010
Gore, John and Kenneth RobertsInvader LNAs to treat autosomal dominant retinal dystrophiesUrology/ Molecular BiosciencesUniversity of Washington/ Washington State UniversityApril, 2010
ITHS Ignition Career Development Awards

Awardees - ITHS Ignition Career Development

Barcy, SergeDevelopment of novel assays to detect and quantify immunological correlates of rhadinoviruses infectionPediatricsSeattle Children'sApril, 2010
Berger, Susanna CarolinaAnalysis of the molecular basis for the establishment of long-lived T cell memory by adoptive transfer of central memory derived effector T cellsClinical Research DivisionFred Hutchinson Cancer Research CenterApril, 2010
ITHS Community Practice and AIAN Pilot Grant

Awardees - ITHS Community Practice and AIAN Pilot Grant

Ronich, RossYakima Valley Farm Workers Clinic: Preparation for Research on the Impact of Organizational Supports on Patient Care Redesign for Improved Diabetes CareYakima Valley Farm Workers ClinicFebruary, 2010
ITHS Technology and Resource Access Awards

Awardees - ITHS Technology and Resource Access Awards

Hockenberry, DavidDevelopment of method for analysis of small tissue samples with application to metabolic analysis for pancreatic cancer and diabetesGastroenterologyFred Hutchinson Cancer Research CenterNovember, 2009
Wijsman, EllenIdentification of candidate modifier genes for Alzheimer’s disease age-at-onset through genotype imputationMedicine (Division of Medical Genetics) and BiostatisticsUniversity of WashingtonNovember, 2009
Welcsh, Piri L.Aberrant Epigenetic Modification of CTCF Binding Motifs in Breast CancerMedical GeneticsUniversity of WashingtonNovember, 2009
Muczynski, KimberlyMulticolor flow cytometry for diagnosis and treatment of renal diseaseMedicine/NephrologyUniversity of WashingtonNovember, 2009
Koelle, DavidCustom reagents for analysis of CD8 T-cell response to HSV-1 in human trigeminal ganglia and bloodMedicineUniversity of WashingtonMay, 2009
Lefcourt, FrancesGeneration of Monoclonal antibodies to the IKAP protein: why do mutations in the IKAP gene cause Familial Dysautonomia?Cell Biology and NeuroscienceWWAMI - MontanaMay, 2009
Liou, Lee-LoungMicroRNAs in Amyotrophic Lateral SclerosisNeurologyUniversity of WashingtonMay, 2009
McAdams, RyanDeterminging Mechanisms of fetal lung injury in utero following intrauterine infection in a non-human primate modelPediatricsSeattle Children'sMay, 2009
Albertson, TinaPolymerase Delta Mutations in Pediatric CancerDNA sequencing facility, Department of BiochemistryPediatrics/University of WashingtonFebruary, 2009
Woodahl, EricaCYP2D6 Pharmacogenomics in American Indian PopulationsGenome Sciences Genotyping and Resequencing CenterBiomedical and Pharmaceutical Sciences/University of MontanaFebruary, 2009
Gharib, SinaProteomics of Ventilator Associated PneumoniaPulmonary and Critical CareUniversity of WashingtonFebruary, 2009
Tewari, MuneeshUltra-high-throughput microRNA sequencing from clinical samplesCore Service: Dr. Jeff Delrow, Director, GenomicsHuman Biology Division/Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research CenterMay, 2008
Johnston, ChristineDynamic Reactivation of Genital Herpes Simplex Virus Type 2 and the Genital Mucosal ResponseCore Service: Center for Array Technology, Department of MicrobiologyVirology/University of WashingtonMay, 2008
Yeh, MatthewSignaling Pathways for Liver Carcinogenesis Using Tissue Microarray AnalysisCore Service: Specialized Pathology- Peggy Porter MD, DirectorPathology/University of WashingtonMay, 2008
Scott, JohnSequence-based Assay for Genotyping and Resistance Testing of Hepatitis B VirusDeveloping Policy to overcome barriers for Biorepository Data SharingFHCRC Genomics ResourceMedicine, Infectious Disease/University of WashingtonMay, 2008
Stevens, AnneIsololation of Microchimeric cells from Human Lupus Nephritis kidney samples using LASAR capturePediatricsUniversity of WashingtonFebruary, 2008
Voss, JachimBiomarker Discovery forFatigue and Mitrrochondirail Dysfunction in HIVSON, Dept of Biobehavioral Nursing & Health SystemsUniversity of WashingtonFebruary, 2008
Lin, YvonneMetabolomic Approches to Identification of endogenous Urinary Markers of CYP2D6 ActivityPharmaceuticsUniversity of WashingtonFebruary, 2008
Fredricks, DavidBacterial Diversity in the Human Vagina: Discovery of Novel Pathogenic Communities Using High Throughput Sequence AnalysisVaccine and Infectious Disease InstituteFred Hutchinson Cancer Research CenterFebruary, 2008
Utzschneider, KristinaEffect of diet on hepatic triglyceride and Alzheimer's disease riskMedicine, Division Metabolism, Ednocrinology and NutritionVeterans' AffairsFebruary, 2008
Leppert, BrianIdentification of A1-B8-DR3 ancestral haplotype sub-variants associated with increased risk of human Type 1 diabetesFred Hutchinson Cancer Research CenterFebruary, 2008
Mozaffarian, NeelufarAbnormal cytokine productioj in T lymphocytes from children with systemic lupus erythematousus(SLE)Rheumatology/MedicineCHCRCFebruary, 2008
Blish, CatherineDefining cellular immune deficits in HIV-1 infected individualsHuman BiologyFred Hutchinson Cancer Research CenterFebruary, 2008
Fero, MatthewPilot study Solexa genomic DNA sequencing to identify occult mutations in human leukemiaClinical Research DivisionFred Hutchinson Cancer Research CenterFebruary, 2008
Peterson, SuzanneGenetic susceptibility to preterm labor in mother infant pairsObstetrics and GynecologyUniversity of WashingtonFebruary, 2008
Shen, TeungDevelopment of an artificial cornea with intraocular pressure monitoringOphtalmologyUniversity of WashingtonFebruary, 2008
ITHS Special WWAMI Awards

Awardees - ITHS Special WWAMI Awards

Bundle, MatthewAre rates of neuromuscular compensation and the onset of muscle fatigue similar at different levels of biological organization?College of Health Sciences, Division of Kinesiology and HealthUniversity of WyomingOctober, 2008
Tinker, JulietteThe characterization of enterotoxin chimeras as Staphylococcal mucosal vaccinesBiologyBoise State UniversityOctober, 2008
Forney, LarryVaginal Microbiome of Healthy Women in PostmenopauseBiological SciencesUniversity of IdahoOctober, 2008
Calderon-Garcidueñas, LilianAir pollution and neuroinflammation in children and young adultsBiomedical SciencesUniversity of MontanaOctober, 2008
Boyer, BertResearch Dissemination in Indigenous Communities: Exploring Methods, Furthering TranslationElectrical and Computer EngineeringUniversity of Alaska FairbanksOctober, 2008
Woodahl, EricaPharmacogenomics in ABCB1 and the Susceptibility to Parkinson’s DiseaseBiomedical and Pharmaceutical SciencesUniversity of MontanaOctober, 2008
Pfau, Jean C.Role of Peritoneal B1a Cells in Asbestos-Induced AutoimmunityBiomedical and Pharmaceutical SciencesUniversity of MontanaOctober, 2008
David, E.J.R.Colonial mentality, cultural mistrust, andFilipino American mental health help-seeking attitudesPsychologyUniversity of AlaskaOctober, 2008
Barney Smith, ElisaSelection of MRI specifications for 2D/3D registration based joint modelingElectrical and Computer EngineeringBoise State UniversityOctober, 2008