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Northwest Participant and Clinical Interactions Network

The Northwest Participant and Clinical Interactions (PCI) Network (formerly the RC2) creates the infrastructure for investigators to collaborate with community-based clinicians, access diverse inpatient and outpatient populations, and conduct their clinical research in real-world settings.

The NW PCI Network is a collaboration of regional translational research hubs located across the five-state WWAMI (Washington, Wyoming, Alaska, Montana, Idaho) region. NW PCI Network sites generally provide inpatient and specialty and primary care services, and are located in both rural and urban settings.

Available Services

Available Services

Are you looking for community sites for a clinical trial? Do you have an idea for a new health outcomes, observational, or comparative effectiveness study? Are you interested in pulling together a multi-disciplinary team to co-develop your next grant application?

Through the NW PCI, we can help you create a partnership with community- and academically-based health care institutions to address these challenges. We can help you find clinical collaborators, assemble your team, and provide any needed guidance about working with community-based collaborators.

NW PCI services include:

  • One-on-one consultations to refine research ideas
  • Support with collaborative team development
  • Access to research tools and expertise to help you collaborate effectively with research partners
  • Assistance with grant development
NW PCI Network Capabilities

NW PCI Network Capabilities

The NW PCI Network is comprised of 11 member institutions spread across the five-state WWAMI region. These health care organizations have clinical research units with experience conducting many types of clinical research, including phase I to phase IV clinical trials and studies involving medical devices and imaging agents, social and behavioral interventions, and health outcomes. NW PCI sites are collectively capable of administering inpatient, outpatient, pediatric, and home-based protocols, and draw diverse patients from rural and urban settings.

Each NW PCI location has well-developed infrastructure to support research. This infrastructure includes experienced clinical investigators, dedicated research personnel (e.g., coordinators, nurses, support staff), investigational pharmacy services, and dedicated budgeting and contracting personnel. NW PCI locations also have committed site champions who collaborate with the NW PCI Coordinating Center to vet research ideas, link researchers to clinician partners, and shepherd research proposals through each site’s research system.

Work with the NW PCI Network

Work with the NW PCI Network

To work with the NW PCI, please contact us with your study idea. Ideas are accepted on an ongoing basis, with proposals developed via the following process:

  1. Complete the “Contact Us / Request Services” form below.
  2. Once we receive your preliminary information, the NW PCI Coordinating Center will work with you to develop a one-page proposal summarizing the study for submittal to the NW PCI Steering Committee for approval.
  3. Once approved, the proposal is sent to site champions at each NW PCI clinical site, where it is disseminated internally to identify interested clinicians.
  4. We organize conference calls or webinars so you can meet with potential collaborators, describe your project, obtain feedback, and answer questions.
  5. NW PCI clinical sites decide individually whether or not to collaborate on the proposed study.
  6. We will work with you and your NW PCI collaborators to develop and assemble any necessary components (e.g., letters of support, budget justification) for a grant submission.
  7. Once funded, we will work with you and the NW PCI site champions to facilitate study start up, and provide assistance as needed for the duration of your study.
Contact Us / Request Services

Contact Us / Request Services

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