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Primary Care Research Network

Primary Care Research Network (WPRN)

Are you looking to conduct your research in community-based primary care clinics? Gather the perspectives of primary care clinicians? The WPRN can connect with you with the resources and support you need.

The WWAMI region Practice and Research Network (WPRN) is a network of more than 120 primary care practices organized by a Coordinating Center that offers investigators the tools and connections needed to conduct collaborative research in primary care community-based clinical settings.

Through the WPRN, researchers can collaborate with diverse primary care clinics across the five-state WWAMI (Washington, Wyoming, Alaska, Montana and Idaho) region. These clinics are found in both rural and urban settings, and include community health centers, private and academically-affiliated practices, and government-operated clinics.

The WPRN helps investigators:

  • Identify and connect with primary care clinical practice sites for research
  • Access community-based electronic health record data for research
  • Find colleagues with expertise in community-based clinical research for collaborative research teams
  • Gain knowledge, resources, and expertise for conducting research in primary care clinical practices
  • Prepare sections of grant applications that involve collaboration with WPRN practices
Available Services

Available Services

Tools and Support

WPRN offers the following support and tools to investigators:

  • Consultations on practice-based research methods, study ideas and design, partnership strategies, and research proposals.
  • An established network and Coordinating Center for building partnerships and engaging patients, clinicians, and clinical organizations.
  • Assistance navigating Human Subjects rules and regulations and guidance for completing Institutional Review Board applications for research with community practices.

Investigators new to collaborating with a practice-based research network are encouraged to explore the “Toolkit for Developing and Conducting Multisite Clinical Trials in Practice-Based Research Networks.” This resource was created in collaboration with the DARTNet Institute.

Electronic Health Record Data Access

The WPRN works to advance the use of electronic health record (EHR) data for research via Data QUEST, an infrastructure developed by the Institute of Translational Health Sciences for sharing EHR data for research across a subset of diverse, community-based primary care practices in the WPRN. Data QUEST enables sharing of EHR data to facilitate participation in all types of research, including comparative effective studies and randomized controlled trials. WPRN also offers access to DARTNet Institute’s national consortium of practice-based research networks that share EHR data.

Grant Application Support

The WPRN Coordinating Center works with investigators to prepare applications for grants that support collaborative research with WPRN practices. The WPRN Coordinating Center’s process for developing a collaborative grant proposal with the WPRN includes:

  • Assessing the fit of a project with WPRN practice priorities and resources.
  • Soliciting interest from WPRN practices to find potential collaborators.
  • Providing assistance with engaging WPRN practices.
  • Helping develop the scope of work and budgets for the collaborating sites.
  • Working with sites and investigators to ensure timely completion of subcontract materials.
Partners and Governance

Partners and Governance

The WPRN is a collaborative effort between the ITHS Regional Research Collaborations Program, the University of Washington’s Department of Family Medicine, and clinical practices. The WPRN is guided by a Steering Committee comprising clinical research champions from WPRN practices, ITHS, and the UW Department of Family Medicine.

Equity, Diversity, Inclusion, and Anti-Racism Statement

The WWAMI region Practice and Research Network (WPRN) is committed to promoting equity, diversity, inclusion, and justice through research, operations, and partnerships with clinical organizations and investigators. The unique contributions and perspectives of our partners and collaborators of any race, culture, ethnicity, nationality, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity and expression, spirituality, age, socioeconomic status, and mental and physical status, are essential to ensure the WPRN can accomplish high impact, collaborative research. The WPRN strives to be anti-racist through efforts to promote racial equity and justice in our research, partnerships, and operations.

(Version 1.0, January 2021)

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