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REDCap Training Series 2018

REDCap Training Series 2018

The new ITHS REDCap training curriculum has been divided into three skill levels. We recommend that you only take classes in one of the higher levels if you feel that you mastered the concepts in the lower levels.


Introduction to REDCap


Geared towards new or novice users of the REDCap system, this class goes through the entire lifecycle of a REDCap project – from initial setup to data entry and finally exporting your data.


Data Dictionary


Meant for users who want to create or edit larger studies quickly by using the Data Dictionary, this class assumes that you have at least some working knowledge of REDCap and Microsoft Excel.


Branching Logic


This class expands on the basics taught in the Intro class (RC-101) and focuses heavily on crafting your own custom logic syntax. Attend this class if you want to incorporate more complex logic into your REDCap projects.


Longitudinal Studies


Learn how to setup complex longitudinal projects and how to utilize the repeatable instruments/events feature. Take this class if you are planning a complex or longer term project in REDCap.




Learn how to set up and run surveys in REDCap, including 3 examples: a simple survey, a chain of surveys and chains of survey in a longitudinal setting. This class also covers automated invitations.


REDCap Mobile App


The Mobile app allows people on your study team to collect data in areas where Internet availability is less than ideal. Learn how to setup, run and manage multiple instances of the mobile app.


Importing and


REDCap has quite a few options for importing and exporting data. Learn to be a REDCap pro at moving large datasets in and out of the tool.


Database Management


Learn about REDCap’s tools for managing increasingly complex projects and ensuring you get the highest quality data.

Upcoming Classes

Upcoming Classes

All classes run from 11:00am to 12:00pm in the Health Sciences Library. For specific room and registration information, please see individual classes in the calendar through the "More Info" links below.
Intro to REDCap (RC-101)January 2, 2018More Info
Data Dictionary (RC-201)January 9, 2018More Info
Longitudinal Studies (RC-203)January 16, 2018More Info
REDCap Mobile App (RC-301)January 23, 2018More Info
Intro to REDCap (RC-101)February 6, 2018More Info
Branching Logic (RC-202)February 13, 2018More Info
Surveys (RC-204)February 20, 2018More Info
Importing & Exporting (RC-302)February 27, 2018More Info
Intro to REDCap (RC-101)March 6, 2018More Info
Data Dictionary (RC-201)March 13, 2018More Info
Longitudinal Studies (RC-203)March 20, 2018More Info
Advanced Database Management (RC-303)March 27, 2018More Info
Intro to REDCap (RC-101)April 3, 2018More Info
Branching Logic (RC-202)April 10, 2018More Info
Surveys (RC-204)April 17, 2018More Info
REDCap Mobile App (RC-301)April 24, 2018More Info
Intro to REDCap (RC-101)May 1, 2018More Info
Data Dictionary (RC-201)May 8, 2018More Info
Longitudinal Studies (RC-203)May 15, 2018More Info
Importing & Exporting (RC-302)May 22, 2018More Info
Intro to REDCap (RC-101)June 5, 2018More Info
Branching Logic (RC-202)June 12, 2018More Info
Surveys (RC-204)June 19, 2018More Info
Advanced Database Management (RC-303)June 26, 2018More Info
Group Training

Group Training

Group training is also available for departments, project teams, and groups of users. Please contact us  to schedule group training.

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