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COVID-19 Research Portal


In this time of unprecedented research need, the Institute of Translational Health Sciences at the University of Washington is assisting researchers requesting COVID-19 biospecimens and/or proposing clinical research with persons with or at risk for COVID-19.

UW ITHS COVID-19 Research Review Working Group

The UW ITHS COVID-19 Research Review Working Group was formed to implement a systematic review process for proposals submitted to the University of Washington. As the availability of clinical samples and persons with or at risk for COVID-19 may not satisfy all requests, this working group is tasked with determination of research priorities.

This working group will adhere to these primary goals:

  • To provide a fair and transparent system for scientific review and prioritization for COVID-19 research at UW.
  • To ensure that research conducted is both of high priority and of high quality.
  • To facilitate COVID-19 research that will benefit patient care.

Key Information for Submitting Proposed Research to the Working Group
Proposal Eligibility
These types of clinical research proposals must be submitted through the portal:

  • Therapeutic or Preventative Clinical Trials
  • Assay Development
  • COVID-19 Samples or Data Requests

Research excluded from this process:

  • Animal studies
  • Comparison of SARS-CoV-2 testing methods within the Department of Laboratory Medicine
  • Studies that were ongoing as of 3/17/20
  • Studies that do not require UW IRB approval

Process & Timeline

Investigators are required to submit applications to UW HSD and the ITHS Research Portal simultaneously. Approval letters will be sent from the COVID-19 Research Review Working Group directly to the investigator. IRB approval will be contingent upon HSD receiving the approval letter from individual investigators.

The working group meets weekly.  Applications are batched and evaluated, typically within one or two weeks of submission. Investigators are informed of the working group’s decision the week their application is reviewed, and any relevant comments and/or recommendations from the working group will be shared.

*Requests for access to COVID-19 patient or research data will be evaluated by a sub-group to this committee.

Scoring Criteria

The Working Group evaluates applications based on the following criteria:

  • Scientific Merit
  • Operational Feasibility
  • Clinical Significance / Benefit to the Patient

Additionally, the Working Group will factor in the number of proposals targeting the same samples or participants and their effect on availability.

Proposal Requirements

Proposals must include the following components (submitted as a single pdf document):

  1. Cover Letter
    • Name, Title, Institution
    • Role on the Project
    • Contact Information
    • Other Essential Investigators – Names, Titles, Institutions
    • Summary of any previous discussion with University of Washington, Fred Hutch or Seattle Children’s Hospital personnel on this subject
  2. Proposal Description (Two page limit, 11 font Arial or equivalent) including:
    • Background and rationale
    • Hypotheses (if relevant), primary & secondary objectives (if relevant)
    • Project description (design, patient or sample characteristics, intervention (if relevant), sample size, statistical issues)
    • Anticipated source of funding
    • Brief statement on why this research should be conducted at UW and why this research should be prioritized given the current crisis
  3. References
    • List relevant publications cited in the above sections supporting this proposal
  4. Biosketches (preferred) or CV, up to two total.

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