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ITHS Launches REDCap Offline Standalone Application

ITHS Launches REDCap Offline Standalone Application

The Institute of Translational Health Sciences announced today the launch of REDCap Offline, a new standalone version of the popular REDCap electronic data capture tool. The Offline version of REDCap is designed to aid researchers in capturing data when they are operating without a reliable Internet connection, making it ideal for field-based research.

REDCap Offline maintains the functionality to which researchers are accustomed with only minor variations. For example, features that require active Internet connection—such as survey invitations, notifications, shared library, bookmarks, and LDAP authentication methods—are not available when working in REDCap Offline. Researchers will also need to institute their own manual backup of data.

REDCap Offline, which is available at no cost to investigators, can run on Windows and OS X operating systems. The application can run on low-end laptops, and the full installation package fits neatly on a 1GB USB flash drive.

REDCap Offline was selected as the best poster presentation at 2014 REDCapCon, the annual REDCap conference. To learn more about this application, please email Bas de Veer, the ITHS REDCap Administrator.