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ITHS Pilot Program Welcomes New Co-Directors

ITHS Pilot Program Welcomes New Co-Directors

The ITHS Pilot program is happy to officially welcome Teddy Johnson as the new co-director of the Pilot Program. He is not new to the team, as he’s been an advisor to the program for several years, specializing in commercial development. Also joining the team in the role of co-director is Dr. Nina Isoherranen, Professor and Chair and Milo Gibaldi Endowed Chair, Pharmaceutics from the UW School of Pharmacy. Both step into this role as longtime leader Dr. Paul Martin steps down and remains an advisor.

Dr. Paul Martin

The Pilot Translational and Clinical Studies Program at ITHS is a catalyst for innovation across the WWAMI region. Since 2008, ITHS has offered funding for new clinical and translational research projects or “pilots” to get off the ground. Supporting work from pre-clinical to population health, from junior to senior investigators, the Pilot Program supports research in a wide variety of ways for a wide variety of researchers.

“The ITHS Pilot Program provides an important avenue for Investigators across the WWAMI region to embark and explore new collaborations and expand their research to translational science projects,” says Isoherranen. “We hope to continue expanding the translational research network across WWAMI region through the Pilot projects.”

“What’s exciting for pilots and for the Technology Development Center is that through TDC we are giving lots of free advice when folks need projects done,” says Johnson, who also serves as the Director of Technology Development for ITHS.  “Then on the flip side, these same people are likely to be candidates for pilots. So, there’s a really nice pipeline there, and we hope to expand on that.”

Understanding the true costs and project supports that entrepreneurs will need along the way is a huge advantage that Johnson brings to the table after working at healthcare startups for decades, mentoring innovators and technical founders, and guiding WE-REACH teams. Johnson says ITHS is well-equipped to support early-stage innovators and pioneering collaborators with a wide variety of services, and he looks forward to making those connections. Isoherranen says “My experience from having been part of past collaborations with investigators from other WWAMI region institutions supported through the ITHS pilot program will help foster new connections and collaborations under the pilot program.”

ITHS is incredibly thankful for Dr. Martin’s leadership over the years, and the addition of Dr. Isoherranen and Mr. Johnson will continue to grow the abilities and influence of the program in the years to come.

Funding for the Pilot Program is guided by program outcomes and stakeholder feedback, and ITHS periodically remodels the program to better respond to the needs of our community. Investigators from across the five-state WWAMI (Washington, Wyoming, Alaska, Montana, Idaho) region are encouraged to apply. Learn more about the Pilot Program here.