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Translational Research Education Engine

TREE Hosting Services

TREE Hosting Services

TREE (Translational Research Education Engine) is built on the well-established platform, Moodle™ LMS, which provides easy-to-use authoring tools and is highly customizable to your needs. TREE supports multimedia content, interactive assessment, and communication tools to enhance learning. TREE allows content administrators the ability to upload and manage their own content, track learner performance, and much more. Explore features and functionality below.

Whether you are starting from scratch or have existing material, instructional design services are also available to help enhance the delivery of your education and training content.


  • No UW AMC Account required for use
  • Single Sign on
  • Self-enrollment or invitation only enrollment capabilities
  • Batch enrollment
  • Course prerequisites
  • Supports creation and generation of completion certificates
  • Supported by common browsers
    • Chrome
    • Firefox
  • Supports webinars/videoconferencing

  • Offers learning paths (Train tracks)
  • Automated enrollment
  • System permissions per role
  • Updates to LMS released twice a year
  • SCORM compliant training modules
  • Ability to host webinars
  • Video uploads into modules
  • Ability to auto-assign training based on user identifiable metrics
  • Individual user and module reporting
  • PowerPoint deck, PDF, and other document type files uploaded directly to modules

  • Automatic course releases
  • Content restriction based on user group or release date or both
  • Ability to create and maintain a content library
  • All standard assessment types (multiple choice, fill in the blank, essay, etc.)
  • Learner file uploads to trainer
  • Ability to proctor assessments
  • Discussion forums
  • Creation or access to Wiki pages
  • Content administrators can upload and manage their own content


User Groups
  1. Internal to ITHS Cores (ITHS)
    • CTSA grant covers the costs associated with hosting in the LMS
  2. Content Providers with a UW Budget Number (UW)
    • Administration set-up fee
    • Monthly hosting charge
    • 12-month minimum commitment
  3. Content Providers within Partner Institutions & WWAMI region organizations which are not a part of an ITHS core (WWAMI)
    • Administration set-up fee
    • Monthly hosting charge
    • 12-month minimum commitment
  4. Content Providers external to the WWAMI region (External)
    • Administration set-up fee
    • Monthly hosting charge
    • 12-month minimum commitment
Administration Set-Up Fee

Administration Set-Up Fee

  • One-time fee
  • Fee to cover the cost of the administrative and technical work to set up a user group for the requesting content providers, to enable them to upload and manage their own trainings
    • Management time will be required to draft, communicate and facilitate the approval and signing of the Service Line Agreements (SLA)
    • LMS Staff time to set up and can include up to 5 content administrators


LMS Effort
Based on hours
Management(SLA & Oversight)$0.00$261.00$326.25$391.50
LMS Support(group/user set up)$0.00$115.00$143.75$172.50
Finance & Communications(billing & processing, communications)$0.00$124.00$155.00$186.00
▲ by 25%¹▲ by 25%¹

¹ – increase calculated from UW rate

Monthly Hosting Charge

Monthly Hosting Charge:

  • Recurring monthly fee
  • Charge covers the cost of the administrative overhead to keep the Learning Management System housing the training maintained, the cost of the servers updated and running securely.
  • Basic support – technical or Instructional Designer (ID) – up to 2 hours a month included


Base Level
≤ 24 Training Modules
Yearly Total$0$5,000$5,500$6,000
25–49 Training Modules$0.00$437.50$504.17$550.00
Yearly Total (▲ by 5%¹)$0$5,250$6,050$6,600
50–99 Training Modules$0.00$479.17$527.08$575.00
Yearly Total (▲ by 15%¹)$0$5,750$6,325$6,900
100–199 Training Modules$0.00$520.83$572.92$625.00
Yearly Total (▲ by 25%¹)$0$6,250$6,875$7,500
200-499 Training Modules$0.00$583.33$641.67$700.00
Yearly Total (▲ by 40%¹)$0$7,000$7,700$8,400
≥ 500 Training Modules$0.00$583.33$641.67$700.00
Yearly Total (▲ by 50%¹)$0$7,500$8,250$9,000

¹ – increase calculated from UW rate

Hourly Development and/or Support Fee

Hourly Development and/or Support Rate:

  • Ad-hoc hourly based rate
  • To be charged when instructional designer services are requested to develop training for a content provider
  • To be charged when support for an administrative group exceeds the 2-hour basic support included in the monthly hosting charge


Dev/Sup Rate$0.00$115.00$146.00$173.00
▲ by 25%¹▲ by 50%¹

¹ – increase calculated from UW rate



  • Learning Management System (LMS) – A software application for the administration, documentation, tracking, reporting, automation and delivery of educational courses, training programs, or learning and development programs


  • Hosting – The action of storage and running of the training modules provided by the content providers for training use by individual users


  • Content Providers – the individuals or groups who submit the content (either for module development by a service line content producer, or a fully developed training to be hosted on the ITHS LMS)


  • Users – individuals who access the ITHS LMS for the purposes of accessing a training hosted on the platform


  • Content Administrators – The individuals who have access to perform administrative actions in the ITHS LMS for the purposes of uploading, updating, managing and assigning content


  • ITHS LMS Administrators – The individuals with overall control of the LMS and all functions within


  • Service Line Content Producers – Members of the TWD and BMI group who contract through a service line agreement (SLA) with Content providers to produce a training module to be hosted in the ITHS LMS for a fee


  • Service Center – An ITHS budget backed organizational unit which provides a specific service or product, or a group of services or products, to users related to training or hosting in the ITHS LMS for a fee