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Acknowledging and Rewarding Interdisciplinary Research within Appointment, Promotion and Tenure Processes

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Acknowledging and Rewarding Interdisciplinary Research within Appointment, Promotion and Tenure Processes

May 26, 2022 @ 12:00 pm – 1:30 pm America/Los Angeles Timezone
Online Event
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Aric Lane

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This CDS offering will provide an overview of the current landscape and efforts by the ITHS Team Science core and colleagues to promote the recognition of interdisciplinary collaborative research in the Promotion and Tenure (PT) processes at the UW and beyond. The ITHS Team Science Core will describe why interdisciplinary collaborative research is critical to solving current complex scientific challenges and how recognizing and rewarding this work in PT processes is critical to encouraging the success of interdisciplinary teams.  They will present strategies for faculty promotion candidates, department chairs, and deans to recognize and support interdisciplinary collaborative research in promotion processes. Strategies for writing goal statements, annotating CVs, and soliciting external reviewers’ expert at interdisciplinary research will be discussed during the session. Participants will also have the opportunity to sign-up for an interdisciplinary collaborative research PT Special Interest Group where you can learn more about future workshops and offerings.

Event Materials

3 MBSLIDE PRESENTATION: Acknowledging and Rewarding Interdisciplinary Research

Learning Objectives

At the end of the session, participants will be able to:

  1. Describe the importance of incorporating interdisciplinary research practices and language in the PT process
  2. Discuss current barriers and facilitators of interdisciplinary research
  3. Share best practices and ITHS Team Science APT Toolkit to aid the recognition and rewarding of interdisciplinary research in PT


The following are optional pre-reads to introduce attendees to the topic.

765 KBPRE-READ – APT Survey Summary Report1 MBPRE-READ – ITHS Team Science APT Toolkit

Schedule of Activities

12:00-12:10pm – Welcome, Overview, Introductions
12:10-1:25pm – Presentation, Interactivity, Q&A
1:25-1:30pm – Thank You and Feedback Survey

About the Speakers

Brenda ZierlerBrenda Zierler, PhD, RN, FAAN, serves as a professor in the UW Department of Biobehavioral Nursing & Health Informatics and as Director of Research, Training and Faculty Development for the UW Center for Health Sciences Interprofessional Education, Research & Practice. Her research focuses on health systems/health services related to interprofessional (IP) collaborative practice (CP) to improve team functioning and patient and systems outcomes. She currently leads three grants related to IPCP (one focuses on leadership and team development; two on transforming practice for teams delivering care for underserved patients with heart failure).

Jonathan D. Posner, PhD, is the Richard and Victoria Harrington Professor for Engineering Innovation in Health in Mechanical Engineering, Chemical Engineering, and Family Medicine (adjunct) at University of Washington. He is a founder and the Director of UW’s Engineering Innovation in Health program that focuses on developing technical solutions to pressing challenges in health and healthcare. His research group works on a diverse set of need-driven research projects including medical devices, point-of-care in-vitro diagnostics, improved cookstoves for the developing world, and helmets that reduce the risk of concussion. He has founded two companies: VICIS focused on a football helmet that reduces the risk of concussion, and Phoresa focused on point-of-care diagnostics. He was UW Medicine’s Inventor of the Year in 2016.