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ITHS Translational Research Partnership Awards—Academic Community Partnerships

ITHS Translational Research Partnership Awards – Academic Community Partnerships

ITHS is offering Translational Research Partnership Awards to support collaborations between academic and community investigators in projects that investigate a community-based health problem, disseminate evidence-based health innovations into practice, target health promotion or prevention, or examine ways to enhance or implement sustainable health programs in community settings.

We especially encourage applications that propose research to plan or implement a new intervention or innovation in clinical settings. The ITHS’ Dissemination and Implementation (D&I) Program has developed a new tool, the “Implementing Innovations in Clinical Practice” guide, which aims to assist investigators in planning implementation of successful health innovations (drugs, devices, new programs or guidelines) in a clinical setting. The D&I Program seeks to collaborate with pilot applicant investigators to test use of this new tool. When preparing your LOI, please indicate if you plan to consider using the D&I tool as part of your proposal.

Application Period Closed
Key Dates
  • Application Period opens
    June 29, 2021
  • Letter of Intent due 
    11:59pm PDT, August 1, 2021

Applicants proposing a project that could incorporate use of the D&I tool should contact Dr. Allison Cole, ITHS Community Engagement D&I Program Coordinator, at before submitting their full application to learn more about the tool and how to successfully incorporate use of the tool into their work. Awarded applicants will receive ongoing technical assistance and support from the D&I team to prepare for implementation using the tool. Preference will be given to applications that propose to incorporate use of the D&I tool.

This pilot award will provide up to $50,000 in total costs for 1 year. Special consideration will be given to teams that acquire matching funds to support their project. No-cost extensions will not be allowed.

In addition to pilot funding, recipient teams will be invited to participate in interactive, in-person or on-line Team Science training. This highly sought-after training includes the formation of customized team agreements to support teams in reaching transdisciplinary research goals and help manage sharing credit for publications and products. These applications may address research-based outreach activities, or the ethical, legal, and social issues surrounding translational research.

Reviewers for Academic-Community Partnerships will focus on 5 primary questions. 1) To what extent does the application propose a true partnership between an academic investigator and a community organization? 2) How important is the research topic important to the specific community that will participate in the project? 3) How important is the research topic to communities more generally? 4) To what extent will the project generate new generalizable knowledge and scalable approaches toward improving community health both in the short term and the longer term? 5) To what extent is it likely that the collaboration could continue beyond the term of the award?

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