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Clinical Data Extraction

Clinical Data Extraction

The ITHS Biomedical Informatics team aids in the extraction and processing of medical data. This data is accessed from more than 50 clinical data sources at UW Medicine as well as a network of primary care community clinics.

ITHS Biomedical Informatics assists interested investigators with:

  • Extraction of bulk electronic medical record data
  • Processing of clinical notes and reports
  • Derivation of complex clinical variables

The Biomedical Informatics consulting rate is $150 per hour for internal consultations and $200 per hour for external consultations. You can learn more by contacting us through the “Contact Us/Request Services” tabs at the bottom of this page.

IRB Application and Approval Requirements

Investigators who request clinical data sets must meet Institutional Review Board approval prior to receiving data. To help facilitate this process, we have created a regulatory checklist to support requests for data sets that were obtained without consent or HIPAA authorization. We have also developed suggested processes for complying with federal regulations and state law that may be helpful in justifying your request for a HIPAA and/or consent waiver to the IRB.

In addition, the University of Washington Clinical Data Repository requires that all human subjects research studies utilizing repository data must pass an Honest Broker review prior to release of PHI data. To satisfy this requirement, you must submit by email a PDF copy of the stamped, approved IRB application plus PDF copies of any modification forms that extend the approval dates of the study or change the scope of data requested. Please send these documents through the form below.

Clinical Data Extraction Success Stories

Assessing Colorectal Cancer Outcomes via Clinical Data

To assess colorectal cancer outcomes associated with sessile serrated polyps, Dr. Andrea Burnett-Hartman needed to target a very specific patient population to gather her needed data. Learn how she worked with ITHS to develop natural language processing routines to identify, and then extract, the records she needed. Read the story >

Developing a System-Level Risk Estimation of ESRD

Dr. Yoshio Hall was working on developing and validating risk estimation models that accurately predict progression of chronic kidney disease to end stage renal disease in underserved populations. To acquire the needed data, he partnered with the ITHS BMI team to extract a specific set of patient records. Read the story >

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