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Expo 24: ITHS Symposium & Poster Session

Expo 24: ITHS Symposium & Poster Session

The 2024 Expo & Symposium was a rousing success this year, attracting over 100 guests on a warm spring afternoon. Held at the Center for Urban Horticulture on the east side of the University of Washington campus, the event created a vibrant atmosphere for attendees eager to explore the latest advancements in health and technology. Guests were treated to engaging talks from two keynote speakers who delved into the fascinating w orld of nanotechnology in medicine. These keynotes set the stage for an afternoon filled with inspiring and informative presentations, including a series of lightning talks from a diverse group of experts.

Following the keynote and lightning talks, the poster session commenced, showcasing more than 50 posters from students and scholars across the WWAMI region. This session provided a platform for emerging researchers to present their findings and engage in meaningful discussions with their peers and established professionals. The range of topics covered in the posters highlighted the innovative and interdisciplinary nature of translational science within the ITHS community. Attendees expressed great enthusiasm for the high quality and diversity of the research presented, making it a highlight of the event.

A standout moment of the symposium was the presentation of the Carlos De La Pena Award for Excellence in Translational Science to Dr. Melissa Vaught, the ITHS Director of Research Development. This prestigious award recognized Dr. Vaught’s significant contributions to the field and her dedication to advancing translational science.

The reception provided an excellent opportunity for entrepreneurs and researchers to network and establish valuable connections. Many attendees were able to meet potential collaborators and mentors within the ITHS community, setting the stage for future partnerships and projects. The event concluded on a high note, with guests expressing their appreciation for the well-organized and stimulating program. Overall, the 2024 Expo & Symposium was a testament to the thriving and dynamic nature of the ITHS community, leaving participants eager to engage in future events and collaborations.