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ITHS Stories Webpage Launches

ITHS Stories Webpage Launches

Storytelling is one of the most effective ways to share our experiences and impart meaning onto our world. Through stories, we can connect with others in different levels, learn something new or feel inspired to explore new ideas. At ITHS, we have an opportunity to do this by sharing our own stories of innovation, successes, research, new projects and partnerships, through videos in this new ITHS Stories webpage.

We want our research community to get to know us better; know who we are, what we do and what we offer, in an engaging way. The ITHS Stories page will hold a gallery of our most impactful stories through videos that show how we are making a positive difference in our communities.

Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month

Our first story to share with you is timely. September is Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month and we are thrilled to kick it off by showing you our Gene and Cell Therapy Lab (GCTL) video. It tells the story of our research facility, its services and a recent project the GCTL is supporting to test a treatment for advanced ovarian cancer.

ITHS began filming this story in early October 2019 with the help of PlayFishMedia and in collaboration with Donovan Farris, GCTL Manager, his team and Precigen. We are finally ready and excited to show our first story. “Launching ITHS Stories with this initial video that supports Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month is a great way to show what ITHS is all about,” shared Tong Sun, ITHS Executive Director. “It can be difficult to simplify such a complex story about cell therapy and clinical trials and adapt it into an easy-to-understand narrative for a wider audience. I truly think we accomplished this in this first video, and look forward to sharing more impactful ITHS Stories,” shared Ingrid Brown, ITHS Director of Communications. “We hope that we will continue to produce high quality videos that will help tell our ITHS stories, so more people can get to know who we are, what we do and come join us,” added Mr. Sun.

We hope that we will continue to produce high quality videos that will help tell our ITHS stories

Watch the video here and see how our Gene and Cell Therapy Lab is doing extraordinary work with Precigen to find a treatment for advanced ovarian cancer.