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Action Tag Spotlight: @NONEOFTHEABOVE

Action Tag Spotlight: @NONEOFTHEABOVE

Action Tag Spotlight: @NONEOFTHEABOVE

Surveys often ask participants to select multiple choices from a list of options. In some cases, one of those options is “none of the above.” With this new action tag, @NONEOFTHEABOVE, the “none of the above” option will actually limit participants from selecting any of the other checkboxes once it is selected. Simply add the action tag and specify which answer choice should be exclusive (in this example it would be “none of the above”). The answer choice must be specified by its raw value in the action tag.


  • You can only use the @NONEOFTHEABOVE tag with checkboxes.
    • e.g. Checkbox variable for race. You want to define the “none of the above” option as exclusive.
      • Add @NONEOFTHEABOVE=’99’ to Action tag box.
  • Multiple options can be listed as exclusive for a single question by simply listing the options separated by comma.
    • e.g. @NONEOFTHEABOVE=’99,98′

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