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Welcoming incoming Principal Investigator Dr. John Amory

Welcoming incoming Principal Investigator Dr. John Amory

Dear Colleagues,

I hope this message finds you all in good spirits. For those who may not know me yet, I am John Amory, and it has been my privilege to be a part of the ITHS community for the past 13 years. As I step into the role of Principal Investigator, I am filled with gratitude for the experiences we have shared and the work we have accomplished together.

Reflecting on the incredible achievements and lasting impact of Dr. Nora Disis, I am truly humbled to follow in her footsteps. Nora’s dedication to advancing research, her innovative spirit, and her unwavering commitment to excellence have laid a strong foundation for us all.

Please know that my door is always open, and I am eager to collaborate with each of you. I look forward to building upon Nora’s remarkable legacy and charting a course towards  new achievements for the ITHS and the communities we serve.

Thank you for your continued dedication and hard work. I look forward to our continued partnership and the exciting discoveries that await us as part of this wonderful community.

Warmest regards,

John Amory

Principal Investigator, ITHS