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GET TO KNOW ITHS! Learn what ITHS is all about through ITHS Conversations, a series of informal videos with ITHS Faculty & Staff where you can find out who we are and what we do. Ingrid Brown, ITHS Director of Communications, hosts these interviews with a couple of things in mind: to make these conversations fun, turn complex narratives into simple, yet interesting topics and let you get to know the real people behind ITHS. Let’s get started! Click below to watch our first ITHS Conversation.

Around the Dental Research World with Marilynn Rothen

If you want to learn what is it that ITHS does in the dental research world, you need to watch this informal interview with our phenomenal manager, Marilynn Rothen! Marilynn Rothen, RDH, MS, is our Research Implementation Manager at the ITHS Regional Clinical Dental Research Center (RCDRC) and Clinical Associate Professor at the School of Dentistry. Ingrid chats with Marilynn about all-things dental research at ITHS: the different types of dental research the center offers, their focus on health disparities, success stories that have gone to commercialization, and even tips on how to keep your teeth healthy!

We go out broadly where the populations are and where the research is.

This video is a must-watch, if you are into clinical research or just like watching what scientific vocation and charisma looks like. Marilynn is the embodiment of just that. It is captivating to watch her speak about dental research with such joy and enthusiasm! If you don’t know Marilynn, this is the time to see her shine. If you do know her, you will enjoy watching her even more so. If you have a project in mind and need her services, you will be fully convinced that you want her on your team.

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