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Elizabeth Bertoldi

Elizabeth “Liesje” Bertoldi

Ms. Bertoldi has directed Finance and Administration at ITHS since 2010. Ms. Bertoldi has more than 25 years of oversight and management experience in academic, medical, and private business organizations. She has been with the University of Washington since 2000, holding senior management positions in Finance & HR, and specializing in medical grant management and research systems.

Ms. Bertoldi’s experience at the University of Washington has included developing, implementing, and managing highly complex units requiring expertise in finance, human resources, grants and contracts, faculty affairs, compliance, public relations, medical education and research fellowships, and facility and space utilization. Ms. Bertoldi has a demonstrated track record of successfully applying sound financial, operational, and human resource expertise. Additional experience in the private sector includes oversight of unit acquisition, construction and remodeling, income capture, marketing, and branding. Ms. Bertoldi holds a Bachelor of Science in Biology and completed post-graduate certification in Education.

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