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REDCap Advanced Features

REDCap Advanced Features


Plugins are little pieces of code that add extra functionality to the “vanilla” version of REDCap. These plugins are created by the global REDCap consortium and need to be installed individually.

Plugins are first tested on the ITHS REDCap Development instance ( After being approved, these plugins are then installed on the main REDCap production instance.

Please be aware that any use of these plugins is completely optional, with you assuming all risk for any problems or issues that may arise.

Available plugins on the REDCap Production instance are as follows:

Print Forms

(built by Sue Lowry from the University of Minnesota)

This plugin allows you to create a more stylized alternative version of your case report forms.

How to use
  • Create a project bookmark with the following URL in the project:
  • Make sure to check the “open in new window” box and the “append project ID” box in the bookmark window.
  • Selecting the bookmark will allow you to access the alternative versions of all your case report forms.

Note: If you want to set up these plugins in the development instance, swap out the “redcap” part of the URL for “rcdev”.

REDCap-UW Clinical Systems Interface

REDCap currently has the ability to interface automatically with other health information systems, although the interface requires some configuration in order to properly work. ITHS has developed such an interface between REDCap and the University of Washington Clinical Data Warehouse, which collects data from various clinical information systems such as Epic, Orca, and the laboratory systems.

The REDCap-UW interface allows users to move clinical data between the two systems. However, each system needs to be proprely configured for each specific project. As a result, any use of this interface likely involves work with specialized ITHS consultants. Note that the interface can NOT feed data back into any clinical information systems.

This interface has been successfully used in the past to quickly populate a large amount of records in REDCap with clinical data. Another use would be the parsing of REDCap data into customized reports that are accessible through the interface.

If you want to use this interface, please contact the REDCap administrator.

REDCap offline

The REDCap offline Virtual Machine (VM) has been replaced by standard REDCap functionality.

If you are interested in offline solutions, please talk to your administrator about the REDCap Mobile app.

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