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The study's on-site "practice-MRI" helps participants get excited to see a picture of their brain and grow accustomed to the scanner environment.

Mining Clinical Notes Boosts Participant Pool by 700%

Research Coordinator Maya Reiter recently partnered with the ITHS Biomedical Informatics team to find participants within a difficult-to-find population. ITHS helped Reiter identify 700% more potential participants by mining clinical notes within electronic medical records....

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There’s growing evidence that whole fat dairy products may be better for our health than low-fat versions. Dr. Mario Kratz is conducting a trial at the ITHS Clinical Research Center to learn how dairy fat affects our metabolic health.

Is It Time to Bring Back Full-Fat Dairy?

A growing body of research has experts questioning low-fat dairy recommendations. Dr. Mario Kratz is one of them. His reviews of observational studies found some surprising effects of full-fat dairy on weight and diabetes. Now he is conducting a clinical trial at the ITHS Clinical...

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