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REDCap Tip of the Month: Custom Numbering

REDCap provides automatic question numbering for simple surveys. However, if your survey contains branching logic, REDCap turns the question numbering feature off to prevent random skipping of numbers. There are two ways of adding custom numbering to your REDCap surveys: via the online designer or the...

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ITHS Launches Clinical Trials Accelerator Site

Clinical trials in academic settings are inherently difficult to design and conduct. Resources are unlinked and spread across institutions, which can make it difficult to secure the full breadth of expertise needed to conceive, develop, and implement a clinical trial. In an effort to overcome this...

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ITHS Announces New Co-Director for Regional Collaborations

The Institute of Translational Health Sciences announced today the appointment of Dr. Katherine Tuttle as Co-Director of the ITHS Regional Collaborations Program (RCP). In this role, Dr. Tuttle will serve as Chair of the Regional Advisory Workgroup, responsible for providing leadership and guidance on ITHS...

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Harnessing T Cells to Treat Relapsed Pediatric Leukemia

A long-time interest in T cells made immunotherapy research a natural fit for Dr. Rebecca Gardner when she decided to pursue a career in pediatric oncology. Her latest study, Pediatric Leukemia Adoptive Therapy, or PLAT, combines these interests to bring new treatments to pediatric and...

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