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New Study from ITHS Rising Star Looks at Role of Organic and Conventional Diets During Pregnancy
Recent Boise State graduate Taylor Barrera-Lopez speaks with ITHS Research Scholar Dr. Cynthia Curl, who is studying the effects of eating conventional and organic produce during pregnancy.

ITHS Regional Translational Scholar Looks at Role of Organic and Conventional Diets During Pregnancy

Dr. Cynthia Curl's pilot study will follow 20 women through their second and third trimesters to better understand the effect of eating organic and conventional produce during pregnancy....

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A User-Centered Approach to Creating a Cleaner Cookstove

University of Washington researchers and a local nonprofit are working to develop a cleaner, more efficient cookstove that could improve millions of lives. They engaged the Institute of Translational Health Sciences Research Coordination Center to help them gain the necessary Institutional Review Board (IRB) modifications...

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