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Dissemination & Implementation Toolkit for TL1 Programs

Materials Library

Dissemination & Implementation Program for TL1 Programs: Materials Library

All handouts, PowerPoints and other documents from each section of the D&I Toolkit are available on this page, including a zip file with the materials from the entire program.


5 MBSlides: D&I Workshop Day One Large Group (2022)2 MBSlides: D&I Workshop Day Two Large Group Slides14 KBCFIR Worksheet (Inner Setting)14 KBCFIR Worksheet (Outer Setting)14 KBCFIR Worksheet (Intervention)14 KBCFIR Worksheet (Individuals) 39 KBSlides: COVID Small Group 1 – Inner Setting38 KBSlides: COVID Small Group 2 – Outer Setting38 KBSlides: COVID Small Group 3 – Intervention38 KBSlides: COVID Small Group 4 – Individuals17 KBDay One Workshop Case Study (Diabetes)451 KBDay One Workshop Case Study (COVID vaccine)550 KBSlides: Day Two Workshop Small Group template16 KBHandout: Resources for TL1 Trainees604 KBHandout: Nilsen. Making sense of implementation theories, models and frameworks

Experiential Learning

1 MBSlides: Experiential Learning Orientation (Session 1)898 KBSlides: Experiential Learning Mid-point check-in (Session 2)1 MBSlides: Experiential Learning Capstone (Session 3)

Experiential Learning: Stakeholder Assessment

1 MBSlides: EL Orientation – Stakeholder small group1 MBSlides: EL Mid-Point – Stakeholder small group199 KBHandout: Stakeholder Assessment – CDC Identifying and Determining Stakeholders12 KBHandout: Stakeholder Management Log480 KBHandout: Stakeholder Management Grid900 KBSlides: EL Capstone – Stakeholder Template

Experiential Learning: Creating a Dissemination Plan

10 MBSlide: EL Orientation – Dissemination small group1 MBSlides: EL Midpoint – Dissemination small group903 KBSlides: EL Capstone – Dissemination slide template2 MBWorkbook: A step-by-step guide to disseminating research findings

Experiential Learning: Planning for Implementation

1 MBSlides: EL Orientation – Implementation small group2 MBSlides: EL Midpoint – Implementation small group28 KBWorksheet 1: Intervention with Example31 KBWorksheet 2: Action plan with Example910 KBSlides: EL Capstone – Implementation Planning slide template


27 KBTL1 Workshop Survey Questions16 KBTL1 Experiential Learning Survey Questions

All Workshop Materials

21 MBTL1 D&I Toolkit Materials 2022

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